It’s all about Toast Autumn Winter. All I need to Survive the rest of September and maybe forever is right here in the pages of their latest collection. I just love their style so much.

Beautiful ikat silk cushion, rustic bread board for a favourite loaf and wedge of cheese, hand crocheted throw in mustard wool, braided jute and sea grass door mat, Romantic moderns by Alexandra Harris to read by the fire, brightly painted mango wood bowl, robust check blanket woven in Ireland, tawny lime Marmalade, soft and long-fleeced sheepskin rug.

All images Toast Autumn Winter 2011

  • Emma

    oooo I have just been lusting over this collection online, I love the mustard crochet throw and the flannelette check sheets – so cosy! Emma x

  • Kat

    The crochet throw is gorgeous!
    Kat x

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    I just adore your survival guides!! I checked out the Toast website, it’s wonderful!!! HAPPY FALL :)

  • lynn

    Ive just been looking at this in my emails…Toast just does not ring my bells this year, the only thing I like is the Ochre crochet rug….isn’t it funny how you can pick a catalogue up or a magazine and you want everything in it and then at other times……the pages just don’t appeal….
    looks nice the way you’ve presented them though, xxxxx

  • Liza Saniefard

    That book looks great. I was studying some of the Futurist Painters of Italy, and this book seems to respond nicely to their brash upheaval of classical culture. Thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out! Romance!

  • Joy

    Ah I need all of this this season.

  • {gemmifer}

    {Sigh!} Yet again I am left wishing that Toast had shops in the US, or at least lower shipping charges… I’ll just keep dreaming of my Toastified life as I pore over the pages of their catalogues.

  • Jeska

    did you see the crochet edged bedding in the Ochre colour? thats so pretty.

    Lynne, I guess that’s good for your bank balance! x

    I love all the home wares, even more than the fashion, I find them calming and cosy just right for Autumn x Theirs is the collection I look forward to most each season x

  • Decorator’s Notebook

    I saw these this morning and I’ve been obsessing over that mustard crochet throw all day… I NEED it in my winter!