For the past few years now Sam and I have lightly tiptoed in and out of each others lives and blogs, keeping in touch, with shared passions for vintage lace and an interest in each others discoveries and makings.  Sam’s notebook is not updated anymore due to all the beautiful and interesting things you see pictured here, but her archives are still online and well worth and evening or two spent browsing all the wonderful things discovered between 2009 and 2012. But fast forward to today and Sam is running a lovely shop called Petite Violet ‘a small cozy space on Helmfeltsgatan a wonderful street in Malmö, Sweden’ and luckily for the rest of us online. With collections from the beautifully wrapped Tokyo Milkcartolina and lots of other treasures in between, I really wish I could visit in person one day.

All images Petite Violet.

  • Anna

    Wow! What a place! I visit Malmö about once a month to stock up on all my swedish necessities and I’ve never come upon this place, it’s a must-go-to, thanks for the tip!!

  • sam

    Hope you can visit us in person one day Jeska! Anna – do stop by and say hello next time you are in Malmö!

  • sarah

    i loved sams blog and was really sad when she stopped writing, i have no doubt that petite violette will be a real success, and i am really glad she has found a retail space where her eye for lovely things can be channelled, when are you going to open a shop/boutique hotel jeska?!