Hello, how was your weekend? We seemed to pack a ton of things in to the last two days, not a minute was wasted, the toaster and microwave have been ousted, the worktops are now clearer even though we have bought a juicer and the husband is so excited to be pulverising ginger root, apples, carrots and celery for breakfast. Sunday was sunny and crisp, today that infamous blanket of Hastings sea mist has woven it’s way around and over our town, so I figured it as time for some colour, and I return bearing cheery pictures of the lovely Red Velvet.

I love this Happy Birthday post for the beautiful shop Red Velvet, clothes, accessories, sweets and cake, I adore the cafe section and if you click on over, the balloons all tied to the dolls house roof really make me happy x I also love reading the story behind this inspiring venture and how it came to be. Elsie Larson co-founded Red Velvet almost ten years ago with her sister and best friend, and her blog is the one of the most fun places to visit with so much to read, learn and see.Feel inspired yet, have you ever wanted to open your own shop? If so what would you sell? xxx

All images Float Away Studios for A Beautiful Mess.

  • Sarah

    I dream of having a wedding dress shop. I will. One day.
    This sweet shop is amazing and I look forward to exploring their blog. Thanks for sharing Jeska. (how stylish are those two girls btw!?

  • rebecca

    Oh I love this blog too, I love their retro fun style, makes me want my own little shop! I think I would have a shop that sold local artists/crafts/designers work plus some lovely retro/vintage finds so I would have an excuse to go carbooting every weekend!x

    • Jeska

      Exactly! I miss car booting, but the husband has strict rules about new things piling up before we move! hahaha

  • Kathryn

    my family already runs a soap and gift shop that also sells health care/food.
    Red Velvet looks like a magical shop, pity it’s half a world away. :)

    • Jeska

      Lucky you Kathryn, do you make the soaps? :)

  • alma

    Maybe open a vintage baby friendly shop and café…

  • Cait

    Love this shop and what I saw of a quick peak at their blog. Cant wait to read and see more from them. I dont have my own shop but run a small shop where I love and it has been one of the hardest, most fulfilling, most inpsiring jobs I have had. You are constantly on your toes and always learning something new- what an adventure!

  • Debbie Schramer

    your blog is amazing!! i wish i was so prolific! you post such beautiful, wonderful things! i hope you’ll visit my blog, too. i am an artist and create lovely pieces from nature and other art, too. thank you for sharing such wonderful things!!

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    Oh this is so so pretty. I would love to have my own shop that sold home accessories – both vintage/antique and new – and refinished furniture – all very reasonably priced of course oh and also wallpaper and textiles. And maybe had books as well that people could sit in the comfy furniture and read… and maybe a little cafe as well that sold nice teas and cupcakes so they can have a cuppa with their read. And a design service on the side. Erm, I can have all that in one shop, right?


  • Christine

    These images are lovely, I read about Red Velvet as they were featured in this months Molly Makes magazine. I would love to have a shop to sell vintage fabrics and things I’ve made – it would be the chance to create my own world – its nice to dream.

  • Liza Saniefard

    I would love to open a craft coop where I would carry the work of local and otherwise brilliant artisans, plus, it would give me an opportunity to sell my jewelry, which is so great because that means I can consistently make it and have it find a home other than one of my jewelry boxes. Plus, I would love to have a working kitchen in the back to make food and snacks, either for free, or for sale. Not sure about that part. Such a lovely dream, to be the mistress of such a place!

  • Lynne, Tea for Joy

    I’ve just discovered that blog through this shop and I adore it! It’s inspired me to dedicate today to doing something crafty. Thanks for sharing, and for including my products in your Christmas roundup.