My favourite booth at the country living Christmas fair was that of Rosie’s Armoire, with dustings of powder blue all around, sprinkles of embellished sherbet velvet, vintage cutlery with a delicate patina, pretty charms with vintage roses, hand stitched fairies jostling alongside lavender sachets, old suit cases and wooden crates filled with owner Helen’s signature printed vintage post card purses and cushions.I wanted to pack the whole stand up and transport it back to my work room, I often think of just setting up a little shop in my home office and this is a great use of a small space. I love how it mirrors the website perfectly and really showcases Helens whole vision for Rosie’s Armoire. Now I am wondering what her home is like?! It was so lovely to meet Helen and so sweet of her to let me take some pictures. Oh and also to have met her lovely friend who I must apologise to, as in all the commotion her name totally slipped my mind! If you are visiting the fair be sure to stop by booth J2A and sat hi to them both!

  • Helen

    Hi Jeska,
    Thanks so much for stopping by our stand at the fair…..and for your beautiful photographs.
    It was so lovely to meet you too- I hope you enjoyed your day in London town.
    Love Helen x