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Do you think there is any chance a plant killer like me could keep some of these babies alive and looking good for at least a month? Perhaps for a long while? Any hints of tips would be greatly appreciated I fear for the safety of my future garden. These are my dads, don’t worry I will practice my menial skills on a smaller variety.

  • Terri

    These are all easy plants to grow. The probably should be repotted but no special care is required. They like sun or part sun and water once a week. They can take neglect and more or less water. They will also multiply so soon you will have more plants to pot. Good luck and have fun!

  • The Dandelion Chronicles

    Well, I used to be the biggest threat to vegetation on the planet and I have managed to keep 11(!!!!) plants alive for over a year now!
    Most of the plants need water ‘down-up’ (lift the plant and pour water in the container and replace the plant) and I usually make a round once a week.

    Hope you’ll ‘survive’ the garden project. :)

  • freefalling

    Well…. 1 month shouldn’t be too hard.

  • Meagan

    I am pretty good with succulents – all I can say is a) keep them away from your cat if you have one ;); b) they like sun but if they start getting spots or turn purple – move them further away from direct sunlight and c) try not to water too much. If it’s really hot, then water once a week, if not, try to do it every other week or every week and a half or so. You can tell by squeezing them – if they’re soft and mushy they need water (or could have too much, then check the soil). My succulents have all been alive for a long time so I think my advice is good – I think! HAH!