Reading Emma’s post yesterday, I totally understood how she was feeling when she described finding something online that is just so great you want to keep it a secret, that is how I feel about the beautiful hand dyed silk jewellery by Eva at Tinctory, “Tinctory is a word that may not exist but if it did it would mean a place where things are dyed. Tinctor means ‘dyer’ in Latin.” Of course I am not the first person to find this delightful shop, I found them via the lovely Lynn, and now I am hoping there will still be some pieces available when a certain someone’s birthday is near.I am collecting all things sea coloured at the moment so the items shown here are reflective of my mood at the moment, but Eva also has deep blues, earthen tones of brown and red and some feather light white creations too. At the Tinctory blog, Eva shares her creative process and dying experiments, I am finding it hard to write this post without flicking back and forth to see what other beautiful pictures and words there are to see and read. I think reading this will be my all consuming passion for a good long while. I know I like and love a lot of things, but I am feeling giddy and totally besotted with Eva’s work.

All images from Tinctory.

Do you have a secret place you’d like to share? x

  • Elizabeth@rosalilium

    wow, they are really stunning, and quite subtle in that way. thank you for sharing, I will have to bookmark for the future.

  • ruth

    I’ve not seen this shop before, really fabulous!!

  • emma lamb

    Hehe, I get that exact same feeling about Eva’s work too! Especially so since she started hand dyeing her own fabrics… each piece is just so unique and beautiful and, as you say, completely mesmerising… :)

    Hope you get a wee bit of sunshine today (wasn’t so bad here yesterday, in the end… !),
    Emma, x

    • Jeska

      I saw you there on Eva’s Blog list and thought you must already have seen this beauty x

  • Becky

    Really stunning, love those colours.

  • Tamizn

    I’m swooning! x x

  • {gemmifer}

    I’ve been dreaming of owning one of Tinctory’s creations since I first saw them a couple of years ago… maybe I have to make that dream a reality this year!

  • Jane Flanagan

    Stunning stuff!