Inspiration boardInspiration boardA couple of weeks ago we started putting a folder of information together for the buyer of our apartment. House info, local parking, best take out, finest bakery, shops, cafes. All the things we have enjoyed while living here and a little pointing in the right direction to discover some new favourite places and rituals of their own. Not satisfied with just the file alone and being more about the visual than the writing (you know me), I made a little inspiration board too, including cards for some happy places in the surrounding area, a delicious recipe, maps and more, and here it is! x

Inspiration boardInspiration board

  • lynn

    What a super fabulous idea, and how useful xx
    Do you have a new house yet or are you hunting.
    Lynn xx

    • Jeska

      Hi Lynn, we do have somewhere in mind but not counting it as ours until the keys are in our hands :)

  • Eleanor

    Wow, whoever buys your apartment is very lucky! What a lovely idea! xxx

    • Jeska

      thank you Eleanor x

  • Anita

    What a lovely idea, a warm welcome for the new owners!

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Best gift ever to the future resident of your flat! So thoughtful. So kind!

  • Candy Pop

    How sweet of you! :)

  • Julie

    So pretty and what a sweet and thoughtful thing to do!

  • kaylovesvintage

    wonderful idea

  • Charlotte

    They won’t know what’s hit them!
    Good luck for the news place!!