TuTu Du Monde kids luxury clothing Tulle, chiffon, sequins and sparkle. This is how I would dress everyday if possible and if I was 2 feet tall, for these clothes are made by Andrea Rembeck of Tutu Du Monde, for girls much smaller than me. Plus I think I might get a few strange looks in the bank dressed like a 1920’s circus performer, wearing a sequin dusted all in one.
TuTu Du Monde kids luxury clothingBut when I was six years old without a care, I lived and died in a fraying vintage tutu which had a gold bodice and skirt made of tulle layers in different shades of green. My grandma would prize me out of it every Sunday and put it back in the dressing up box, sending me home just a normal girl, with a little less spring in her step dressed in a skirt and T-shirt.
TuTu Du Monde kids luxury clothingIf I ever have a daughter, I know I would like her to dress just like this.

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