I was window shopping in the Old Town on Sunday and saw a beautiful painted pottery vase, it reminded me of a recent trip to Charleston, but as I am trying to be good and save some money I reluctantly left it behind. Walking past the same shop yesterday my heart skipped as I saw it had gone, on closer inspection it had just been moved so I happily continued on my way, there was still a chance it could be mine.Meeting friends for coffee I settled into the sofa at the corner cafe and then in walks the sweetest someone with a handful of pretty blooms and a bundle of newspaper, inside the paper is the vase, for me. Thank you so much you. We did a bit more to sort the new studio then lunched with a delicious street picnic in the sunshine.The husband later returned home to pleased to see that this splendid new vase inspired me to complete my latest scrap book, which in turn led to a clutter free table. That Wallace cat seemed pretty excited too.

  • http://www.teacupscupcakes.blogspot.com Becky

    Gorgeous vase, and beautiful flowers.

  • http://theactivitylog.blogspot.com Adrienne

    All is well that ends well, huh?! :)

  • http://ariannainteriors.blogspot.com/ arianna

    That is such a sweet story Jeska……how lovely! xxx

  • Jeska

    I’m feeling very lucky and loved x

  • http://www.inverleith.blogspot.com kath

    Beautiful! Your pictures are so inspiring. We recently went to Charleston too, and picked up some seeds- amazing gift shop there, isn’t it? Can’t wait to visit again.

  • elizabeth

    perfection! all a girl needs! xo

  • http://blog.studiowaterstone.com Lori

    Well, hey, if the cat’s excited! LOVE the vase. Love your story.

  • http://www.seenandsaid.blogspot.com/ Jane Flanagan

    Beautiful! Yay for lovely vases and gorgeous flowers.

  • Jeska

    thank you, and Kath I loved Charleston so much I could scream! Amazing place even better than I could have hoped for x

  • http://www.f4fabulousblog.com fenny setiawan

    I love the ambiance and the flowers :)