Hey Monday, it seems my Spring colours this year are pink, white and green, with a dash of tabby thrown in. A relaxing Saturday spent in Tunbridge Wells, at the farmers market and walking around the Pantiles. Where we always pop in to our favourite kitchen shop, and without fail I will find something to add to my ever increasing collection of baking equipment, next time a madeleine pan. They also have a wonderful assortment glass jars and bottles.At the Style workshop I chose a bunch of flowers in coulis and cream colours with green. We sat in the park surrounded by blossom trees and the first lilacs of the season and ate an Italian lunch of caper berries, olives, artichokes, and pancetta wrapped bread. At home in the afternoon we made a jug of sour rum punch and I decorated the living room walls with my favourite vintage plates.
For those who enjoy the fresh pop of tonic water.

Sour Rum punch
In a jug place a big handful of ice
Double measure of Spiced Rum, I use Sailor Jerry’s
1 Whole lemon halved and juiced then chuck it all in.
2 sprigs of bruised mint
fill to the top with tonic water.

  • sally

    Hi, those kitties make me smile! I too love those pink white and green colours probably my favourite combination and a dash of chocolate brown does look good with them. I also like that kitchen shop in Tunbridge wells, when I have been you don’t know what to look at first it is so crammed with goodies! We seem to have started on food and drink very early this week. Party mood coming on, must be the Royal Wedding :)

  • http://www.foundandsewn.blogspot.com found and sewn

    Beautiful flowers. Your living room looks lovely…. sounds like you had a perfect Saturday.

  • http://www.secretsofabutterfly.typepad.com Kat

    That sounds like a heavenly day honey.
    I love your posts when you share the styling in your home.
    The plates on the wall go so well with the colour of those flowers!
    And I love the vintage “a little bird told me” postcard!
    It’s also as if you’ve always had the tiny tigers there with you, they just look SO at home
    Kat x

  • http://samsnotebook.typepad.com/ sam

    Such lovely colours! And I am really enjoying the pictures of those two kitties!

  • http://www.seenandsaid.blogspot.com/ Jane Flanagan

    Beautiful post Jeska – sounds like a lovely weekend! Wishing you an equally lovely week.

  • http://77inspire.com/ angel @ | 77inspire |

    Ohh the plates on the walls are cute. I’ve always wanted to do that… The cats are precious! great post.

  • http://www.exquisitebanana.com Kayla @ Exquisite Banana

    The pink and white flowers and those sweet whiskers have left my knees a weak and buttery mess. Lovely post, as usual.

  • http://www.mo-pieplease.blogspot.com Meagan

    Oh goodness, those kitties are too cute! Lovely flowers and colors!

  • http://www.thegreendandelion.blogspot.com sarah{thegreendandelion}

    those little kitties are so cute!! and i love your beautiful spring flowers.

  • http://desbrimborions.blogspot.com/ alma

    Green and pink always make the most amazing pictures

  • http://upgemini.blogspot.com/ UpGemini

    hmmm that punch screams “try me!”
    and those little tigers… OH MY, they scream ‘kiss me and never stop!”
    ahahahaha :D

  • http://www.teacupscupcakes.blogspot.com Becky

    Trying to persuade my flatmates to let me have a plate wall…

  • http://www.eliwill.etsy.com {beth}

    it’s starting to feel like spring in the midwest…wish these crazy storms would stop. might have to make that punch for derby weekend.

  • http://gettingitswoonworthy.blogspot.com Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    I’m loving your plate wall, it’s fab! I keep thinking about adding plates to my gallery wall (although your style is lighter and airier than mine, something I admire! I’m a maximalist at heart). That punch sounds fab, I LOVE Sailor Jerry rum, will definitely need to try that. The kitties? Cuteness Overload.