The Welsh HouseWon’t you set down your broom and come away with me this weekend to beautiful Wales and The Welsh House? After we stayed in an old cottage there a few Octobers ago we fell in love with Wales, so there was no hesitation to say yes, when Dorian invited us to spend a few days in his magical corner of the world. An April escape was planned and we had a jolly time cosied up in Dorian’s traditional style Ty Unnos cottage with Dean’s parents snuggled across the A-Mazing garden in Bryn Eglur. Come look inside! The Welsh HouseWe chose to sleep under the exposed nest of hazel that makes up the roof of Ty Unnos – built not so long ago would you believe?! It is an authentic reconstruction of the legendary houses built between sunset and sunrise: Ty Unnos (One Night House). With its interior inspired by a traditional slate worker’s cottage – open plan living with sleeping loft – it’s a keeper.The Welsh HouseThe sun shone in through the windows each morning and the daffodils waved their golden faces and smiled over our breakfast table. The minute we walked through the door it was like – yes please, can we stay for good? The Welsh HouseWith a separate office for the store, I think we could definitely inhabit a perfectly proportioned small house like this, filled with just the essentials and no clutter – could you?The Welsh HouseThe Welsh HouseThe bathroom is a real surprise, no full shot here as it is such a lovely sight, you must see it for yourself, I have also left out a few other details so the magic will be all yours to take in if you find yourself in this wonderful part of Carmarthenshire!The Welsh HouseHoliday cottage with dream decor The Welsh HouseWe slept up there in the loft under the thatch, listening to the rain on the roof, cozied up under a beautifully patterned woven Welsh blanket of deep red. Reading novels, and catching up with all our favourite independent magazines, learning about the local area and planning afternoons out to all the places nearby we hoped to visit. The Welsh HouseThe Welsh HouseOne morning I opened the door and Mrs Jones wandered in for a saucer of milk. I miss Marlo and Wallis so much when we are away from them, that it was a very happy sight to see a set of pointy ears and a tail in the kitchen.The Welsh HouseCosy corners and stunning antiques in every direction, we had fun playing with the light and some cedar incense smoke in the mornings, drank tea and went out gallivanting along the cliffs and on the deserted beaches not too far away in the afternoons.The Welsh HouseHoliday cottage in Wales It was really nice to have a few days away from the internet and work, laughing, talking and gasping for breath as Dean made us all walk up hills, cliffs and mountains for the perfect view of the sea in all directions! We took so many photos and I have lots of great places to visit in my posts next week. The Welsh HouseI will be back Monday with a peek inside Bryn Eglur and the magical gardens that surround the houses. Thanks so much Dorian! Happy weekend all – we are promised some sunshine so let’s make the most of it! xMrs Jones

  • So lovely seeing the inside of Ty Unnos again. We visited at the end of November but still had an amazing time even though it tried to snow. Ruby wasn’t so sure of the old lady painting but we pull her leg over it now we even gave the old girl a name. Jx

    • It snowed while we were there too and hail storms! But it was nice to relax in cosy surroundings in the mornings and walk in bright sun in the afternoons on the beaches x

  • This was the most beautiful blogpost I´ve seen this week. Magical pictures, you really capture the magic, and I want to go there immediately…

    • Thanks Maren!! It was the most magical week x

  • Such beautiful photos Jeska – and what a magical place! I’ve just returned from a stay at Bryncyn and really enjoyed taking a peek inside Dorian’s other houses through your post. Magical! x

    • Thanks Abi, did you love it there too?! I’ll be over to take a peek! :) x

      • We did – it was liked stepping into another world for a few days. You’ve captured the atmosphere so well in your photos x

  • Julia’s Bookbag

    This looks magical!!! So cozy and beautiful.

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    So pleased you all enjoyed your stay. Isn’t it such a wonderful place? Gorgeous photos, too xx

    • Thanks Katy! We would love to go back in each season and watch the garden change :)