All calm at home now. well, apart from two cats free running off all the walls and furniture. No challenges this month, I am going to rejoin fat mum slim’s Photo a day challenge in April, so I can concentrate on restocking my Etsy shop and new posts here without any self inflicted deadlines hanging over me for a while!

I thought I’d share the lighter side of our life today, the paler less frills and sequins side. Where simple things get done and the cats stay still for a while. The grey house and yellow tree, a favourite memory from around this time last year when we were in San Francisco. Have a lovely Sunday x

  • Anna

    Happy Sunday! I love the ambiance these pics create as a whole, gorgeous colouring. I thought the yellow tree was the front of Pia’s book ‘My Heart Wanders’. Looks a bit like it. I plan to do Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenge too. I found it too late to start March’s. Enjoy your peaceful month! x

  • Brittany

    Jeska, these are such lovely photos. I love that San Francisco house, it’s so beautiful. My husband and I are going to California this year, and I can’t wait! It’s nice to have a bit of quiet time on Sundays. Your tigers are so big, I remember when they were just tiny little balls of fur. I’m excited for your April photo challenge, you always take such pretty photos. Happy Sunday to you!

  • Mariana

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures (and cats too)! My first cat looked like the one in the second photo :)
    Love the green chair.
    Ditto on Fat Mum Slim’s photo challenge, but I’m excited to do my first one ever!

  • Kat

    I saw some of these on the new photo header and loved them.
    Funny how at once it’s possible to love both girly sparkly-ness and simple organic colour and texture. We both have that I notice. :)
    kat xox

  • Pauline

    Beautiful pictures and i love the cats.
    I have 6 cats and they demolish my house but i still love them….
    Hugs, Pauline