Joules Quilted JacketsSo, here I sit writing this post with chilled hands and nose, half under a blanket with a cat under too, curled by my knees purring, Autumn has finally blown in, stripping the apples of our tree and turning our home into an igloo. I have been meaning to buy a weather proof coat ever since we moved out into this quiet village by the country park. I battled on through an unusually cold April, then May and when Summer finally arrived promptly forgot all about it.

Well now I am back to my search, and I spotted some lovely cosy things over at Including this lovely girl above all toasty in her Moredale Everglade quilted Jacket. Joules Quilted JacketsI do like the traditional green for outdoor wear and unusually for me am quite taken with the navy, I never buy navy, but this year the black is going! I love their whole range of quilted jackets for women including this longer version below, which is probably a good idea for me, as I’m always falling over in my wellington boots!Joules Quilted JacketsJoules Quilted JacketsThis new jacket was supposed to be for all the hill walking and beach combing, gardening and running to the compost bin and back across our marsh like lawn on rainy mornings and in all weathers, but without our radiators connected I think I might need one for indoors, and snappy!

A Fair Isle Sweater for my Handsome man and a scruffy border terrier also just went to the top of my Winter wish-list x

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  • Kitty

    They look nice we have just moved to the countryside and whilst I love coats I always struggle with those of a technical nature. I am searching for a weatherproof coat that doesn’t make the villagers stop and exclaim that I am not dressed correctly for the rain…..I also want to look at least a bit stylish maybe I will check these out!