Tucked away in the corner of my living room at first then stretching out onto the coffee table and beyond, I have been whiling the days away filing favourite paper pages in to folders for future use and books for now. Trying to stay warm, the tigers are snuggled up under blankets (Marlo) and radiators (Wally). My husband and I are doing a three day juice detox, and it seems Marlo is concerned about the huge basin of apples that has appeared on the kitchen table, wondering what is going on. We have wanted a juicer for ages and after one of our friends got one, a juice craze has fast spread through our circle.One day over, we were not hungry just a little waterlogged, and looking forward to a new recipe to try this morning. The biggest problem for me is sugar, so this is a good way to cut it out and down for good. Cold turkey then just treat weekends. The juicer is proving to be quite an entertaining addition to our kitchen. In a bid to go back to basics though and keep our worktops free, we have dispensed with the Microwave and toaster. Better to try these things now out of the blue don’t you think? I am so rubbish at new years resolutions.

  • Haley

    We just got a juicer too and we’re totally obsessed! It’s so much fun isn’t it? What’s your favorite combination so far? We are really into cranberry, apple, pear, and a handful of whatever green thing we have in the fridge. I’m really looking forward to hearing how you feel after your fast.


    • Jeska

      HI Haley, we’re loving carrot, celery, apple and ginger! x

  • Courtney Elizabeth

    Oh, how brave of you to go microwave-free! It’s do-able, I’m sure, I just don’t think I’m disciplined enough to do it.

  • melissa blake

    Everything looks so cozy!! I love sitting in front of my fireplace at night and watching my cats fall asleep in front of it!

  • Nel

    Lovely site! You’ve got me thinking to go on a fast before Christmas! Need a lift before Christmas and summer arrive :)

  • Hannah @ Sparrow + Spark!

    I love the way you stack your books, I do that too in colour schemes!

  • rebecca

    Lol, cats are so funny when something new enters their little world. Mine has become obsessed with getting under all the blankets and quilts that have appeared and joining me for a snuggle!x

  • Josie Crafter @ Homemade & Happy

    Hi Jeska
    I’ve had a juicer for a few years and I really do love to whip up all kinds of weird and wonderful combinations! Though I notice that I use it mostly in the colder months, rarely juicing in summertime. I’ve never attempted a detox so I’m very impressed with yours!
    I see you’ve got a postcard from Ali’s Christmas event – I have a whole range of Ali’s cards, but haven’t yet made it to an event! I’m hoping to go this December though ;-)
    Happy days to you,

  • Josie Crafter @ Homemade & Happy

    I just lost my comment in cyberspace! So here goes again!
    Juicer – yes to that! I love mine, though I’m mostly a winter juicer – maybe my body feels a greater need for the vitamin boost when it’s grim weather?
    Good luck with the detox, you’re very brave!
    I see you’ve one of Ali’s Christmas event postcards in the last photo – beautiful. I’ve a range of Ali’s postcards (!) Though I’ve not yet made it to an event, I hope to go to her December one this year :-)
    Happy days to you,