I only left the house once yesterday for a 30 minute run in the early morning. I like to stay home. Even though the sun has finally decided to spend some time with us, it makes the light in here so great I like to enjoy it indoors. So it’s just the cats and me again today while the husband is on the return leg of his crazy bike ride to Paris and back (I love the picture of them at the Eiffel Tower) x

These are the little things that made my Saturday a success.

Avocado hummus on oat cakes with a dusting of soy seeds for lunch.
Finishing the last few pages of my most recent ‘Record the day‘ book.
The scent of Serge Lutens fleurs d’oranger on my wrists.
A cup of Fennel Tea in my favourite mug.
Reading the latest issue of Kinfolk Magazine.
Trying to keep up my weekend body rituals including moisturising with my favourite body balm the scent of Geranium, Rosewood, Mint and Rosemary is just too good.
Enjoying bare faced no make up days with just a slick of lip balm.
My new business cards arriving in the mail.

  • theaxx

    ooh I’m the same. a happy home-body. Though I wished I’d gone for the run you did this weekend, I’d feel a little less guilty about my baking coconutey treats ;) hehe


    • Jeska

      Don’t wish too hard, I feel like I need a hip replacement today! I’d just like to curl up and read my book with a plate or your sweet coconut treats x

  • Michelle

    the orange perfume sounds amazing. I’ve never been a big perfume wearer but like the idea. And orange blossom is one of my favourite scents. Avocado hummus sounds good too. Is it just squished avo or mixed with something else?