Clothes Hanging RailWe have plenty of rooms here, it’s just that they are all of a modest size, so wardrobes would look quite cumbersome in any of the bedrooms. For our bedroom we would like a less cluttered look, more tranquil with only the essentials close by, favourite perfume, the book we are reading, a couple of plants, simple lighting and maybe a shelf? Although with these two cats that may be more trouble than it is worth, they do favour a game called ‘climb high and knock things off’!Clothes Hanging RailSo we have been exploring the avenues of clothes hanging rails and organisation over at pinterest and now my little office is to become our walk in wardrobe/dressing area. But never fear my new office will upgrade to studio status with a sofa and everything – as it will transform into a Guest bedroom when people come to visit. Lots to look at here with natural materials, industrial elements and some good old fashioned whimsy.Clothes Hanging RailI love this string and wooden bough, and the simplicity of the two rails either side pictured above, one fixed with heavy duty parts and the other a metal tube with electrical wire looped through and knotted for hooks.Clothes Hanging RailAbove is more to the husband’s taste with the up-cycled wooden base for shoes and right these beautiful whittled but sturdy wooden version. Below is too girly if there is such a thing but we do have to share this house after all!Clothes Hanging RailWhat do you think? Do you store your clothes in this way? If not but you would like to, you can find all these images and their links on my Pinterest ‘likes’ page here.

  • sofia

    We do have that type of storing for our clothes (1st picture but not as stylish ), our bedroom is attic-like so we cannot have a regular wardrobe. I like it but if I could I would prefer a wardrobe, to keep the bedroom more tidy for the eye but to have just a little one with a couple of stuff it’s very pretty!

  • Rebecca

    Hi Jeska, I did this last year in my bedroom when I finally moved into my first place. Free-standing wardrobes take up so much space and, let’s be honest, no matter how big they are they are never quite big enough to store everything! After being inspired by Susie Bubble’s Ikea Stolmen system (
    I asked my very handy father to put up a 2.5metre shelf on one wall with a hanging rail underneath. There’s space for shoes and bags above and I have a chest of drawers underneath for jeans and t shirts etc. It’s great having everything on display- I can see it all at a glance which makes choosing outfits a lot easier. I absolutely love having the open storage, it was definitely a good move. Good luck with your new walk-in-dressing room!

  • Delovelyish

    I am in the process of transforming our guest room into a closet/dressing room. I love it so far! We had a Murphy bed installed and I decided to build the clothing rails with industrial piping (inexpensive and looks great) and to install curtains to pull across to hide the clothes. I thought it would be more restful for guests sleeping in there not to have the visual clutter of all my clothes on display. I did leave my vintage clothes uncovered, though– they are too pretty to hide!

    I can’t wait to be finished and to really get to enjoy my new walk-in dressing room!

  • Liz

    Thanks so much for this medley of non-wardrobe ideas! I have a guest room (at present full of son’s junk and all those bits one never knows what to do with) in need of a lighter structure for clothes hanging. The current (awful, stripy pine) wardrobe dominates the rather small room. I did think of painting it French grey, but then it would stand out more against yellow stone. As guests are relatively few and far between (us having lived in Malta 20 years, most friends and family have visted lots already), I am in need of a quick-answer hanging thingy and this bunch are truly wonderful inspiration. Now, just need to find those vintage pulleys! Loved that one in particular. Keep your inspiration boards coming Jeska.