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Chic storageHappy midweek to you – it’s giveaway winner time! We are in full spring cleaning swing here. I am decluttering like a mad woman and tidying everything into new homes, you can even join me over on Facebook and see my home cleanse challenge each day with the Minimalist game. The lovely Katy, Heather, Melanie and Hannah are cleaning up their places too!

Right, back to today – and my giveaway winners. Thank you so much to all of you who took the time to enter. The cats were very uninterested in choosing (I had a fun game planned for them and everything but they are asleep)! So I got the husband to call out two random numbers and I counted up the comments until I came to – Amy for the lidded Versions and Elinor for the handled totes. Get in touch with your addresses at  jeska{at}lobsterandswan{dot}com and I will post them out to you lovely peeps this week. Happy storing! xxxsleeping Tabby cats

  • Beach Hut Cook

    Oh Wow! Thank you. Will send my address to you! Fantastic. Will show you them in situ at the hut soon x