Today was like high summer, hot sunshine, the rays glimmering on the delicate waves of the sea as the tide went out, people walking their dogs on the sand and paddling on the shoreline.In the park on the way to visit my dentist I saw these soft layered pink daisies and they reminded me of all the things my dentist warned me about.Marshmallows, coconut ice and pink and whites. Looks like the beginnings of a dessert menu for a Royal wedding tea party, if you ask me, teeth be damned!

Sweet images from thelatinproducts.com, Prima foods and cocoawonderland.co.uk

  • http://www.teacupscupcakes.blogspot.com Becky

    Those flowers are so amazingly frou-frou and sweet-like! I am also under similar instructions from my dentist…but figure a little sugar can’t hurt sometimes…

  • http://www.xxmieyou.blogspot.com Swaen

    They look so sweet and lovely and dreamy. Like it!
    Love, Swaen
    ps I like your blogname to, because of the Swan :)

  • Jeska