Since starting Lobster and Swan I have amassed a huge folder of all the beautiful places I would some day like to visit. One of the places marked on my map with a heart shaped pin, is the magical floral emporium of Simone Pickering, the owner of Miss Pickering.

The shop description alone (below) is like poetry to me, never mind the beautiful bouquets and friendly face of the hound. Who by the way has his very own online space to share his thoughts. I would love to one day stop by the florist to take some pictures or attend one of Simone’s flower schools. You must pop by the blog to see the wonderful christmas wreaths that she is putting together daily and of course wish her many happy returns, for today is Simone’s birthday.

Beautiful medieval shop
packed to the beamed rafters
with seasonal flowers
foliage and herbs and plants.
Pretty vintage jugs are filled
with hydrangea heads,
peonies and armfuls of roses.

Happy birthday Simone x

Images from Miss Pickering.

  • Jane Flanagan

    Oh this looks like the loveliest shop!

  • gina

    Did you know that Miss Pickering when not cutting botanicals likes to cook and wear slutty shoes? I died, says so on her website! She’s my kind a gal, loves her dog, flowers, and high heels.
    Thank you for the morning lovelies and laughs ;)

  • Zee

    A special place! I love flowers and it is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. I wish we had a place like that here in Flag.

  • Sara

    Oh my, the new site is so beautiful! Congratulations!

  • Lorna

    I love the new website and thank you for the introduction to the fabulous Miss Pickering and her wonderful Hound. I adore being introduced to bloggers I haven’t come across before.

  • wellies & vogue

    I LOVE Miss Pickering.. and it’s definetly one of the shops I’d love to visit.. Stamford isn’t that far from me so should really make the effort!

    Loving the new blog..

  • emma lamb

    Hello Jeska,
    Been meaning to swing by and have a proper look at your lovely new blog, it looks absolutely fantastic and so very pretty!
    Love this post too, Miss Pickering’s shop and blog are beautiful. So much gorgeous colour that I don’t think I’ll be able to stay away! Thank you for the introduction to her and the Hound… :)
    Emma, x

  • Concha

    I’m so glad you’ve posted about Simone’s shop – I’d love to visit it one day! I read her blog everyday (just as I read yours) and truly love it. She’s witty and fun and has got great taste!