Autumn FieldsEverything around us slowly changes, it’s nice to have the luxury of time to notice it. We have been on the road, driving to see family a lot lately. The drive is beautiful, through Pett Level to Rye, Camber to Lydd then on across Romney Marsh all the way to Hythe. The fields have gone from being earth to plump green vegetables then bright yellow with rapeseed and are now golden with rustling corn. The poppies were a little bonus of brightness and the spiders web a masterpiece woven by tiny legs.AutumnAutumn sunsetAutumn Fields

  • Liz

    We stopped at Pett Level yesterday. What a great area you live in!

  • Liz

    Gorgeous photos! Oh, how I wish to be in England now. Am over in a week’s time though, so can’t complain. And not a moment too soon it seems from your photos. The season of mist and mellow fruitfulness is my fave time of year. Will be in the next county to you, westwards. Stubble fields here I come for a hike! Keep the photos coming please.

    • Jeska

      I am sure it will all be lovely still when you arrive next week Liz!

  • Angela

    Beautiful photos. Would love to be on that drive!

    • Jeska

      It is so lovely Angela, very barren in Winter but still has it’s charms :)

  • Jessica

    This is lovely! I used to drive back and forth from West Virginia to St. Louis (8 hours) while in college and it was always amazing to see the same road change so much between the school year’s beginning and end.

    • Jeska

      How lovely Jessica, I bet it also changed slightly along the 8 hour drive!

  • Nana Diana

    What gorgeous, gorgeous pictures. Your Fall looks a bit further along than ours at this point- xo Diana

    • Jeska

      It feels like it is coming around so quickly now Diana! But I am not sad, I do love Autumn x

  • Emelie @florainspiro

    So beautiful photos and words!
    I specially love this:”…spiders web a masterpiece woven by tiny legs”. So poetic!

    • Jeska

      Thank you, this was only two of about twenty webs all woven throughout a wooden willow archway in my mother in laws garden, it was unbelievably beautiful!

  • Natalie

    Beautiful!I see you mention Camber. I’m an honorary northern lass now so it’s a long way to go for me these days. Had many many beach days there as a child. Fond memories. xx

  • found and sewn

    Beautiful post…I love the change of seasons. x