Hanging Baskets by House GardenerHello and happy midweek, I am back with images from a lovely new book for you. We have been garden owners for one whole year on the 5th of April. With a bit more outdoor space than were aiming for – The Balcony Gardener – Isabelle Palmer has been a great inspiration as we’ve tackled balcony sized areas at a time. The arrival of such a beautiful Spring this year meant we are keen to get back out there and carry on, but over the cold months we have with much joy become indoor gardeners too.The House Gardener Book Out NowIn her new book – The House Gardener – Isabelle brings her small-space gardening charm to our interiors, with unusual containers and innovative ways to display your houseplants, inspiration for living with plants and ideas for indoor growing. The House Gardener is full of inspiration and easy to grasp knowledge and projects – which is great if you are like me (I was once a notorious killer of all things green and fear the return of this murderous streak) – this book will keep me in check. If you are a friend to all things nature than it will surely give you some fresh ideas of how to add more plants in to your home.Bathroom Plants - The House GardenerMy favourite images from the book are the bathroom ideas above, plants really can add a calming or slightly wild – bathing in a jungle – element to a soak and I will definitely be finding ways to add some ferny leafy goodness to ours. With the House Gardener – Isabelle brings a fresh twist to gardening indoors and within the pages you will find instructions on how to create indoor water gardens, terrariums, table decorations, fairy-tale gardens for children, and even a miniature Zen garden! Plus a lot of sound advice on planting techniques, choosing plants and caring for them. So whether you are new like us or have super green thumbs this is a lovely and inspiring book.Fire Place Plants The House GardenerThe House Gardener Book Out NowThe House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer is published by CICO Books and is available from

  • yvonne

    My first visit. I live in Maine and we have lots of Lobster boats up the street. Had to stop in with that title. yvonne

    • Jeska

      Yvonne, wow! All the way from Maine, I would so love to visit there some day :)

  • April Louise

    Thanks for sharing these creative house gardening ideas, I’ve currently got a house full of flowers and a garden full of weeds! I am currently in the process of correcting it. This was a very inspiring post.

  • Jeska

    Thanks April I am just loving all things green at the moment, glad you are too!