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All was calm until I let those tiny tigers loose, now the contents of our coffee table are strewn all over the floor, the tiles are covered in water and kitty biscuits, and there is a game of chase going on around the living room, I just don’t know how I am going to get anything done with these two stripy whirlwinds running riot around the house!

  • Uncle Beefy

    Aw, congratulations on your two new whirlwinds! Kitten can be such a handful (sometimes, my grown ones still are!) but they’re still such a lovely addition to a home. You’ll do just fine! They’re adorable!

    • Jeska

      I am already so happy that they live with us, chaos included, it feels nice to have someone else to consider instead of just pleasing ourselves all the time.

  • Miss Pickering

    Oh my, what a beautiful home you have.

    Those darling kittens seem to spend all their time looking pretty and gazing out of the window.

    Are you quite sure it is them running riot?


    • Jeska

      ah they look innocent enough, she devils I tell you!

  • JuLee

    All will NEVER be truly calm again but having shared my home with many cats, I can tell you it is SO worth it. The love we get from them is amazing and worth and and all clean up chores. I do cat rescue and see so many homeless cats so thank you for sharing your home with these little ones.

  • Dee

    We got a rescue cat too. Vintage cats (like vintage most things) are so much better! They look like little treasures. Hope they learn to behave quickly. Our’s did.

    • Jeska

      only one issue is the constant wanting to walk on my laptop keyboard hehehe

  • Katarina

    The light in your home is beautiful! Especially in the studio bit picture, I love it :)

    • Jeska

      thank you, I need to spend more time in there!

  • sofia

    oh yes at the beggining and while they are still yound it’s going to be hard, especially when you have 2 :) but it’s all worth it after all :) Have fun with those little “monsters” !!!

  • Lynne, Tea for Joy

    It looks pretty spotless to me! I have the same gold pencilcase, presumably I got it free from the same magazine you did. I have actually kept mine too (usually I chuck out all those magazine freebies.) Hope you are having fun with the kittens! x

  • sally

    Your sewing table looks really interesting. Your new kittens will
    appear from apparently nowhere at the rustle of a ribbon.
    Enjoy them they are precious.

  • Elizabeth@rosalilium

    Lovely home and lovely kitties. I am really jealous of those wonderfully large windows you have. I bet you get lots of light in the house?!