Well hello, I hope you had a happy Easter with lots of sunshine and the odd chocolate egg? We embraced the heatwave and took a mini vacation in our own town, had dinner at the shoreline, a road trip to folkestone, a day at the seaside, a walk in the country park and lots of other things too. Really making the most of our town and the surrounding areas of beauty.With May fast approaching and flowers blooming everywhere my garden coveting has reached dizzying new heights. So, to get me through (hopefully) one last summer without a garden, I have collected all my favourite seasonal plants and flowers together on the mantlepiece. Over the last couple of weeks I have gathered, apple, lilac and quince blossoms, the beautiful bunch of flowers from T.Wells, my longest surviving orchid and thanks to my lovely friend Emma, I have now found two bright and perky geraniums.I am going to try my damnedest to keep the potted plants alive and the cut flowers looking fresh and will change them as needs be. Until two days ago this was the only place the cats couldn’t get at, sadly no more, now I just need to stop those naughty little tigers from digging out the soil.I love geraniums, to me they conjure such a nostalgic feeling, like reading Enid Blyton at my grandma’s house or sitting in a garden like the one from “the Darling buds of may’. Easy, cheery flowers from a simpler way of life. I wonder, what are your favourite potted plants?

  • ruth

    what perfect blossom! I have a white hydrangea, that so hasn’t died due to my neglect.

  • Lotus

    Oh gorgeous!I have mantle piece full of cut flowers like daisies and roses from the garden. Also Jasmine smells beautiful. I wish that I could grow orchids. I love them so much.
    Good luck keeping naughty pusses out of the dirt!

  • found and sewn

    I love geraniums too. They smell amazing and remind me of my dad who grows them every year.

  • lynn

    Fabulous display.. nothing but nothing looks nicer than fresh flowers and you have displayed these beautifully…..this has well cheered me up xxxx

  • fenny setiawan

    What a lovely flower arrangement… give me some inspiration :)

  • Razmataz

    I am very partial to geraniums. I think because they are old fashioned, and they remind me of my Granny. Her sunroom was filled with her ancient geraniums.

  • Mr Yen

    I love the top two images, they look amazing! Also I’m finding this blog post very inspirational as I am about to start a new project all about floral papercuts ^_^

    My favourite potted plants are succulents & orchids, but I can never keep an orchid alive for very long!

    • Jeska

      oooh, I look forward to seeing them! Let me know when they are ready to be seen :)

  • Jeska

    I love that geraniums seem to have good family memories for so many people, special little flowers.

  • Brittany

    I love geraniums. Especially the scented leaf varieties. I have a few that I’ve overwintered from last year. They’re doing ok inside, but I can’t wait to get them back outside where they’ll thrive! For now, the only flower I’ve been able to bring inside are the daffodils. I’m really looking forward to peonies and cosmos!

  • Miss Pickering

    Just so so beautiful.

    The scented leaf geranium make amazing scented sugar for baking.

  • Anna

    As always, simply stunning styling!

  • Redlilocks {Swoon Worthy}

    So pretty! Love the collection, something so romantic about an eclectic mix… x