Hello! I’m writing today from my sofa, tucked up with a cat and an endless stream of christmas themed programmes on the box, I have a cold but am hoping it’s going to leave soon. After a week of sold laughter with my mum and sisters in frosty Ireland, I returned to a DIY blitz at home and promptly developed this hideous cold. But never mind that, a sprinkle of glitter, candles and pinecones on the mantle piece is already cheering me up.

Another thing making me happy today is the discovery of these sweet handmade fairy creations from Halinka Fraser. I love their outfits, just look how dapper that Easter rabbit is in his jolly green tweed coat. Such sweet little people created to hang on christmas trees, adorn wedding cakes or simply make you smile from a windowsill.

My favourites are these Russian skaters all dressed up in winter layers of fur and wool with teeny embroidered trims.

All images Halinka’s Fairies.

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    These are the most beautiful ornaments I have ever ever seen ever. Did I mention EVER? Oh YES, the Russian skaters. Divine, thank you for proving AGAIN why your space here is so special to me.

    Merry Christmas Miss Jeska. xoxoxoxo

  • Stephne

    These are simply delish, quite, quite gorgeous, i would really love a pair, but to keep out all year round! xxx

  • Kat

    Oh so lovely to see Halinkas fairies featured on your blog sweetie.
    I can vouch for their beauty and the skill that goes into each.
    I have the Sleeping beauty couple hanging in my room. (that’s the pair bottom right in your first photo)
    And I am getting a large Christmas tree fairy at Christmas.
    I am awed by their detail and costumes!!
    Love kat x

  • Lauren

    These are amazing! I would have a really hard time picking a favorite, but I think it would have to be the couple at the very bottom right. Or the Easter bunny. Or the couple at the top left.