By Monday, August 17, 2015 4 Permalink 1 bed linenI have been on the hunt for the perfect shade of grey bed linen for ages and finally found it over at, it’s actually called silver but it’s the softest, lightest grey and it’s just perfect in our bed linenWe are still toying with really dark walls all round in this room. But when I walk in and the room is this calm, crisp and airy I just can’t help but love all the paleness. bed bed linenSo we need two bedrooms, one dark and one pale. This dream is not likely to happen until our office makes the move down to the bottom of the garden, in a thousand years when we have some free time for DIY :) bed bed linenEclectic bedroom stylingYou just can’t beat linen crumples in the summer and then the addition of a thick, cosy woollen blanket for Autumn and Winter. I am already looking forward to Autumn, can you tell by my bedside table? Our Amber and Moss candle is still going strong and this lovely chunky vintage mug from a friend is perfect for hugging my tea close in the mornings.Eclectic bedroom stylingI couldn’t decide what time to take my pictures so I thought I’d share all hours of the day, dark and light. For a more true to life peek at the linen colour pop over to

Happy Monday, I’ll be back later with my postcards from the weekend! xx

  • Oh that’s gorgeous, Jeska. I’m trying to tone down our bedroom at the moment and I think some plain linen would do the trick. Hmmmm….

    • I do occasionally get swept up in the instant joy and fun a pattern can bring to the bed but ultimately plain bedding is very soothing on the eyes and soul :)

  • The Owl and the Accordion

    I LOVE linen bedding, but I’m so fussy, I’d be forever trying to iron out the creases! That is an utterly perfect shade of grey, though.

    • Oh no, you have to embrace the creases! ;)