Minimalist LightingHello! This is the first of a few lighting posts I’d had planned for April. I am a lighting addict. Some of you may not know this, but I worked in a lighting boutique just after finishing college and ended up managing the place for eight years! New, vintage, junk shop repair jobs, modern, flamboyant and task. I love them all, wall ceiling and floor. But today it’s all about the perfect white table lamp. This lovely clean lined baby came from BHS. It’s a conical white gloss vase with tapered wooden base, a linen drum shade and has lovely fabric covered flex. I chose it because it’s completely different from all our other lighting – I have quite a gathering of antique and french style table lamps and our collection of desk lamps is getting crowded. The only problem with this lamp is that is looks good everywhere! Maybe you can help me decide where it should stay. . . . . . ?Dressing Table Styling The shade gives a lovely bright glow so there is no need for any other lighting in the room – with the right bulb. I have tried it on my dressing table, to shed some light over painting my nails and choosing jewellery.Eclectic Lounge In the living room nook it makes reading easy and again lights up the whole room which is just as well (we are still bare bulbed up in the ceiling)! In the top picture – I tried it on my husbands side of the new desk and it fits in well with all his man stuff. Below you can see it makes a great bedside light in-keeping with our minimalist theme of little furniture and only essential things nearby. So, in which spot should it live, help!?Simple bedroom lighting

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    by the sofa in the living room!!!! it looks just amazing there. what a fab lamp!

    • Jeska

      Thanks Melissa! It’s great huh, I love it. Just hope the cats don’t knock it over! :)

  • Courtney

    Either on your dresser or in the living room…just buy another one and call it a day!

    • Jeska

      Living room is winning, thanks courtney!

  • Julieta from Juliet Oscar Yankee

    I have to agree with Melissa but I also like the look of it in the bedroom!

    • Jeska

      Hooray another vote for the lounge thanks Julieta! x

  • Sue

    My goodness, you’re right it looks great everywhere. I think if I had to decide i’d choose the living room, it’s looks especially beautiful there.

    • Jeska

      Yay thank you Sue, I think it’s a keeper there!