Morning, a few pictures of a beautiful corner in a house I visited yesterday, Tuesday was full and fun, started making the Butlers Facebook page, very excited to be sharing the new seasons comings and goings in the shop, interesting things from Hastings Old Town and other local events. We have a new pop up section from Gina at Folk at Home, delicious beeswax candles, felt slippers and some amazing buttons which I will be showing you tomorrow when I have a set in my possession. Then a quick visit to the beautiful home pictured here, before going home to re-pot my heathers for the mantlepiece and get ready for my first WI meeting. It was loud, fun and a little daunting, small room, tons of women and lots of new names to remember. I am fearfully shy around people I don’t know, so I had a Rum bracer and jumped in. Hiding by Rose’s side at times. Now looking forward to Novembers meeting.Today I have a long list of tasks, I thank Kristy for these words this morning, “Today will be all about bits of jobs I’ve put off interspersed with jobs I like doing”, I will reward myself with a fun ‘to do’ after each dull task completed. I’m feeling quite spritely after a cup of tea in bed, which I never do, I am more of a tea in the afternoon kinda girl. So off to task I go.

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  • lynn

    Oh wow double swoon xxx

  • Kerry Smith

    Such a beautiful corner!!!! xxxx

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