The weather is on the up and up here, even on grey mornings the cloud has given way to sunny afternoons, and today I am really excited to show you the beautiful new Greenhouse Collection by the lovely Brittany of The Home Ground, inspired by her favourite plant nursery Grayes Greenhouse (pictured below) these pieces are perfect for the end of Spring and the promise of Summer. Using high quality hand cut stones that you just want to touch and hold, Brittany creates these delicate treasures that can be worn forever.

Each lovely piece from the Green house collection can be viewed in the photo album on the Home Ground Facebook page and is only available in an edition of 5, eek! If I ever manage to have my own shop I would love to stock a few of  Brittany’s wonderful jewellery items, so thank you Brittany for sharing your lovely work, all of which will be up and available in the Home Ground shop later today.

Photography by Megan Boltz for The Home Ground.

  • Suzanne

    Really love the photography, an innovative way to shoot jewellery. Beautiful.

    • Jeska

      Thank you Suzanne, isn’t it lovely? I wish I could just buy the whole collection!

  • sarahhardaker

    really really beautiful, and totally timeless – another thing to go on my ever growing 40th birthday list!! to join a painting from elaine pamphillon, an ipad,a painting by kate loveday, a cleo mussi mosiac……..the list goes on!!!!

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