Only a month or so away, my favourite season will begin, a light breeze will whip at the trees pulling down the leaves, leaves that seem like they only just opened, due to the crazy weather this year, Summer is passing in a wave of torrential downpours with grey skies and every now and then a dash of super heat with a blistering sun. I am always eager to say farewell to our unpredictable hot months and welcome in cooler days where the beach is windswept but never crowded, the park is threadbare but quiet. This is when I will start our bid for a cosy hibernation.
All this must begin with the packing away of my sadly, barely worn Summer clothes. Bringing out jumpers, short skirts and chunky tights instead. With all my favourite Autumn/Winter mail order catalogues falling through the letter box onto the mat I love planning how I will dress for the next few months. The first to arrive was the lovely Plümo. Dark accessories, animal prints and bright jewellery. Wrap me up in this super long cardi topped with a marabou pom and I’m ready to brave the cooling air of September and October.
Marabou brooch, Storm Cardigan, Akita Necklace, Raye Sunglasses, Gold Nugget Studs, Reverse top, Margo Clutch, Gabi Pumps.
In the home it’s all about lighting up dark corners and piling on blankets and rugs. I also found a couple of silver coloured pieces that will add a glimmer to darkening days, and ever since our Californian holiday last year have been looking for a wind chime to tinkle away in the breeze making some light winter music.
Bird Chimes, Tigris Carpet, Paper Trees, Candle log, Clamp Light, Avoca Blanket, Artichoke salt and pepper set, Tweed Lamp.

All images Plümo.

  • Lottie :: Oyster and Pearl

    Wow – I love the clamp lamp and the tigris carpet.

    Beautiful post. Almost makes me want it to be autumn, but I can’t quite let go of summer just yet…

  • josie crafter at Homemade and Happy

    Oh yes, I’m with you on this! I love the arrival of Autumn and the opportunity to snuggle up in blankets, socks, jumpers. Plumo is full of gorgeous things, isn’t it? Perfect fodder for dreaming our way through the remaining “summer” days.

  • Sue

    I love autumn too and snuggling up in jumpers and blankets, although I don’t feel ive had enough summer just yet. Come on sunshine one more month Please!
    That tweed lamp is just gorgeous, it would look perfect in my new living room.