I had such fun assembling my April tiniest art show that I thought I would make it a monthly feature, I hope you like it, as I love putting it together. This month has a mixture of medias all with a hint of pretty. All the links will take you to each artists Etsy shop so you can find out more about your favourites there.

1 & 13 vintage prints and imagery by Black Baroque, 5 & 14 dreamlike fine art photographs by Marasca Photography, 4 & 10 clever girls reading and tattooed lovelies by Matou En Peluche, 8 & 9 Abstract paintings by Christina Romeo, 3 & 11 Spiritual Graffiti by Home Shanti, 2 & 6 pretty little things by Jlabieni, 7 & 12 graphic collages and Gocco artworks by Sooooound.

Today is a shop day so I better start getting my best ‘counter girl’ face on. See you soon x

  • sarahhardaker

    7 9 11 and 12 are my favourites ….but they are all lovely, i would eb happy to hang any of them on my wall – makes me want to start painting again!

  • Diana Rogers

    Beautiful. You have such a great eye.

  • Sam

    How lovely! Thank you so much for including my work in your beautiful mini-art gallery – a true honour!

  • Lynne, Tea for Joy

    Yes, love it, should definitely be a regular!

  • Anna

    That bird with the yellow flowers (no 12) is just beautiful.

  • irene

    this collection is beautiful! i love the colors.