I’ve been at home all day, moving things, doing a bit of DIY, starting a second paper pompom garland. At three I left to go to pilates and mixed in with all the mail for the building I found a pretty parcel addressed to me.Nestled inside the wrapper I discovered this dear little cat shaped biscuit cutter. A super surprise which gave me an ear to ear smile as I trotted down the street, and all thanks to lovely Kat from Secrets of a butterfly.Thank you so much Kat, I know I promised you a garland too long ago now, so I think there will just have to be a packet of tiny iced kitties in the package when I finish it too! x

  • YYZ

    Wild with jealousy– I want one to make biscuits shaped like MY tiny tigers!

  • Kat

    Oh I am now smiling ear to ear too! What a lovely thought to post about the cat cutter J, & as always – styled so beautifully! And thanks for the link to my place. It’d be wonderful to have iced kitties but no obligation! I’d be happy just to see how you do them, on a post sometime. :)
    Just watched Chelsea on bbc2, all about pollen heavy flowers & attracting bees to our gardens tonight- v lovely
    Kat xox

  • Heather

    isnt Kat the sweetest! she is an inspiration in generosity and kindness.

    • Jeska

      Indeed you are Kat, I wish you weren’t so far away!

  • Kat

    Oh thanks girlies, I wish that too x

  • francesca

    wow so lovely over here! i love blogfriend parcels. the best kind of post. x