Ha! Wrote this a while ago, but in all the mayhem didn’t finish it and just discovered it in my drafts. So, some more pictures from around the house, a winter mood board makes way for a carnival of colours over my mantlepiece to celebrate the return of sunshine, a new (old) pen pot for my beloved Stabilo fine liners and some yummy Korres products from a great shop called Soak in our Old Town.

So excited I can buy Korres locally, the shower gel smells amazing and the perfume reminds me of favourite sunshine holidays, Morocco and California rolled into one. Have you been making spring changes to your home and beauty regime? I think being in London has turned me into an over excited shopper again. Too much choice and opportunity is derailing any chance I had of saving money and being good. I hope this wears off soon. But not before I get that perfect blue lace skirt from Reiss xxx

  • theaxx

    oh i know what you mean. Desperately trying to save money my end and keep seeing the prettiest things! – damn and blast ;) x

  • Kat

    Hi J
    Just catching up, haven’t been blog reading as have been able to sit in the garden :)
    Loving your pen pot and the new board!
    I like Korres as well. The lip balms especially.
    Their products are such unusual scents and loving the naturalness.
    I also really like This Works for similar reasons.
    The skirt sounds gorgeous! Kat x

  • Rose

    Which Korres scent? x

    • Jeska

      Vanilla Freesia and Lychee, very sweet but I love it, and the Vanilla Plum Shower Gel x

  • nicole

    eeeeee! i covet that mood board of yours next to the Korres products sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! it is the perfect collection of lovely details. i would hang it above my bed and feel pure BLISS!! perhaps you will start selling your mood boards on Etsy? a girl can dream :)