A Life Less Ordinary Book ReviewStay inside and read an amazing book. Having received a review copy of A Life Less Ordinary last week, I am overjoyed to have it’s lovely pages in my hands. When I say pair down, strip back and get a bit more masculine with our interior, this is what I mean. Still a bit feminine I know, but the boy wouldn’t begrudge me the odd seed head and Hydrangea bloom surely, and of course he can get on down to some boot fairs and choose some manly elements to throw in, so everyone is happy.

Being a totally aesthetically crazed person, I plough through books and magazines at a rate of knots that does not go un-noticed by my friends and family. Never reading whole pages, just keeping my wide hungry eyes peeled for the next amazing photo that will blow my mind. With the arrival of this book I had the luxury of the house to myself for a weekend, so with my favourite blanket and soft lamplight, I settled in and just read. From cover to cover, I read it all. The story of Zoe and Alex’s meeting and lives is as beautiful as the shop and homes they have built. The pages filled with magnificent photography and inspiring words, have a calming quality and I am being absolutely truthful when I say I loved it completely. I keep it by my bed for inspiration before sleeping and then again for waking!

All images – A Life Less Ordinary by Zoe Elison and Alex Legendre, published by Cico Books at £25.00 and is available from


  • Sophie

    Lovely photos and interiors, might have to treat myself! x

  • tors (girl, meets wolf)

    I do the same, it’s all about the beautiful pictures in interior books, text comes secondary to the photos!