Printic Photo App

Living in craft rubble and a garden that has been dug up all over the place does’t make for very good blog content! But luckily lately I have been asked to try lots of things, so I can share some of those with you this afternoon, (more later). I am not one to have that many apps on my iPhone but when the sweet Cécile invited me to try Printic, (knowing how much you guys like pictures and sharing) I thought it might be something you’d like! I chose a recent pic from a fun night out and to spread a little joy, sent it to everyone in the photo.

Once you have the app, you choose pictures from your iPhone picture albums, Instagram or Facebook, crop them, add messages, select your recipients and then send them off to let your favourite people know you are thinking about them. Your loved ones will receive their vintage-themed pictures (like polaroids) in the mail within 3 days in Europe and North America! All prints are 3″x4″ $0.99 / 0.79€ each, and there is no fee for postage.

I love how you can add the address’s of your friends, so the cute Paris marked envelope arrives in their mailbox as a complete surprise, (I did not have my address book handy so sent them separately myself).

Wishing You Happy Mail days! x

  • Kat

    Lovely idea J
    Will check out the app for sure