Four things to try in april Thanks for all the new home joy! We are settling in quicker than I imagined and gradually finding places to put our many things. So now I am feeling ready to get back to normality, which involves saving a million links and writing lists of notes, half of which I never get around to using. But I might, one day? Things to try, places to visit, stuff to make, blogs to read.

So I picked out four things for April that I have wanted to try for ages but still not got around to.

1. Blending our own nut milk – Loving Charlottes recipe here. 2. Making one of these beautiful paper mache tea cups – by Ann Wood. 3. Cooking with Rhubarb, I have always avoided these stunning pink sticks, chopping them up and freezing them when they arrive in our veg box – Lynda Tubby’s Rhubarb and Almond cake seems like the perfect recipe to end my fear. 4. Trying out a shiny boxed fancy flavoured toothpaste – first up Ginger Mint by Marvis thanks to Rose from Butlers.

Whats on your list?

All images from the links above.

  • Liza Saniefard

    Congratulations on your new home Jeska, and I love the new website! Good luck on everything, and enjoy all the lovely new treats!

  • Sue

    Congratulations on the move. It’s so exciting moving house isn’t it, with all the plans to make it your own, i’m slowly getting mine sorted after moving last summer. Those tea cups are just adorable, I can’t wait to see pictures of yours when you get round to making them. My Mum makes a delicious rhubarb and vanilla jam that really is the best jam i’ve ever tasted, the perfect way to cure your rhubarb fear.

  • Eleanor

    I will also be trying out nut milks this month, and ginger mint toothpaste sounds rather interesting too! xxx

  • Charlotte | Anknel and Burblets

    On my list is to shoot at least four chapters of my book!
    That’s a lot of smoothies and salads :)

  • Nana Diana

    Glad you are settling in and I like your April FOUR- xo Diana

  • Rose

    have the Jasmin Marvis toothpaste, keen to try the Ginger! the Jasmin is lovely, I still need Colgate but Marvis lifts the bathroom and really does taste good!

    very interested in almond milk…