Black wall styling Hello, how was your weekend? Squealing and excitement have been at an all-time high here as I just received our copy of Chic Boutiquers – the new book by Ellie Tennant. This title has special significance as we (Dean and I and our business The Future Kept) are featured in the book! Chic Boutiquers centres around the life and style of online retailers, so as well as beautiful interiors (Ellie has an amazing eye) there is a wealth of tips, from designers, makers and curators and lots of advice about how to launch your own store.Chic Boutiquers At Home by Ellie TennantEach beautifully shot profile includes details on the store owners and their homes, what inspires them, helpful info and top tips on all things e-tail and a secret address book for their favourite online stores. We are so happy to be included among all these amazing shops, they are all so unique and inspiring. A must read for interior decor snoopers everywhere and anyone thinking about starting an online business.Chic Boutiquers At Home by Ellie TennantI hope you don’t think it’s too self-indulgent, but when choosing from James Gardiner’s beautiful photos – I really wanted to share some from the shoot of our home. The top four and the cover (yippee!) are of our home, but it’s not all about us – keep reading as I have also included the stunning kitchen of New York based Helen Dealtry and a rustic corner of Ylva Skarp’s amazing living space.Chic Boutiquers At Home by Ellie TennantWalis made the final cut above and would you believe these pictures were taken on one of the darkest of December days last year? Ellie and James arrived early in the morning just as it was getting light and it was so wonderful to see how amazingly they worked together. They made all our rooms look so beautiful and James also gave us some photography tips that have come in very handy. Thanks James!Chic Boutiquers At Home by Ellie TennantThe fresh and modern kitchen of Helen Dealtry has had me green eyed all weekend. I can just imagine drinking my morning tea at the counter and all that neat storage to keep our stuff hidden from view, what a great space! Below I am also coveting the concrete walls in the home of Ylva Skarp, something we hope to have in our bathroom one day. It was such an honour to work with Ellie, James and Ryland Peters Small, I have found so many ideas in this book and reading all the other store owner tips has been so helpful, I just know you are going to love it. Chic Boutiquers At Home by Ellie TennantYou can read more about Ellie’s book all this week on the blog book tour, and what an amazing line up this is – Tuesday – The Style Files, Wednesday – S F Girl by Bay, Thursday Vosges Paris, Friday – Happy Mundane and the beautiful My Scandinavian Home on Saturday.

All images from Chic Boutiquers at Home by Ellie Tennant, photography by James Gardiner, published by Ryland Peters & Small.Chic Boutiquers At Home by Ellie Tennant

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    Amazing! It all looks so beautiful and the cover is perfect! I always love looking at pictures of your house as there are so many gorgeous details and I really enjoy exploring each image, picking out new things I haven’t seen before. Ridiculously exciting – carry on squealing xx

    • Thank you, lovely Katy! We are so happy at how it looks here and all the other homes are stunning! xxx

  • Congrats on your beautiful book cover!! So amazing and the pics of your home are so beautiful (although I am partial to the kitty shot, I just can’t help myself). What a fab resource, definitely getting added to my Christmas wish list :) xx

    • Thank you, Kimberly! You must, it is just SO good :)

  • This looks great and it’s going on my birthday wish-list stat! Thank you for sharing Jeska and congratulations on being featured. Jesse x

    • Thank you Jesse, I can’t believe how lovely our home looks inside, we are about to start ripping up floors and smashing out the bathroom so this is a nice reminder of it looking nice! ;)

  • How exciting, and what a great book cover! I’ve just ordered myself a copy.

  • Alison MacPherson

    Looks amazing. Think I might order myself a copy at the end of the month. The cover is spectacular and that paint colour is beautiful. You have amazing style and taste.

  • Shruthi

    Love your desk Jeska! Wish I could buy the desk and all of your vintage frames :)


    • Ha! Thank you Shrithi, easy to achieve – the desk is a worktop and trestle legs from Ikea and the vintage frames are picked up from junk shops! :)

  • oooh I shall pop this on my Christmas list :) thank you, and congratulations on the feature, how exciting! X

    • Yay, thank you Zoe! We have a few copies coming up on the shop site. I can give you an extra special discount ;)