October, a month filled with pumpkins, black cats, wolves and other mystical creatures, the colours purple, brown, orange, and black, magic and howling at the moon. I found my first fallen pine cone today and searched the neighbourhood for cats basking in sheltered sunny spots. The sun was shining but now the wind is getting up and gradually stripping the golden leaves from the trees.

1 and 9 by Nancy Merkle of Small Impressions, 2 and 15 Stacey Martin at Whim Factory, 3 and 11 Emma Kidd of Benconservato, 4 and 10 Clare Elsaesser of Tastes Orangey, 5 and 16 by Kate of Alyoisius, 6 and 13 Faye Moorhouse, 7 and 12 Thomas Dittmeier, and 8 and 14 Kelly Louise Judd of Swan Bones Theater.

All images from the artists links above.

  • http://frilliesforfillies.blogspot.com/ Kate

    Love this feature how wonderful!


  • http://lottsandlots.blogspot.com/ Lotts

    These are all so great, I love number 10. My friend introduced me to your blog today, I’m addicted! What a talented and inspiring person you are.


  • http://www.dirtygirlgarden.com Jenn

    So unique and eclectic. Can’t really pick a favorite, they would all have a place in my home.

  • http://www.thirdroomstudio.blogspot.com Penelope@thirdroomstudio

    Gorgeous collection – number 10 is so simply lovely.