Right I’m pulling myself together, still glued to the News but I’m just going to have to do two things at once. And having spent all day at home with my Tigers I thought I’d dedicate a Tiniest art show post to them and their namesakes. Yes, yes I am now a crazy cat lady obsessed with all things feline but at least I’m chipper again. Thanks for all your thoughtful comments on my last post.

1 Burning Bright-Partly Sunny Studio, 2 Ringling Brothers Circus Tiger-As We Go Arts, 3 Tiger-Elizabeth Graeber iIlustration, 4 Jungle Book Print-Small Talk Studio, 5 Tiger Mask original drawing-Alicia B. Lim, 6 Wild Horses-mixed media print on wood-Kelly Puissegur at Retro Whale, 7 Like a tiger-kushun 55, 8 Raindrop Tiger Print-Two ems, 9 Tigresa – Limited Edition Print-Valeria Rey Soto, 10 “carousel II” Original painting-Edward Cao, 11 Tiger print-Berkley Illustration and 12 bengal tiger-Becca Stadtlander illustration.

Leaving the zoo now hope you enjoyed the big cat enclosure x

All images from the artists shop links in the above post.

  • http://www.misspickering.blogspot.com Miss Pickering

    I really love this selection. Tigers seem friendly, exotic, and a bit fierce all at once.

    More pictures of the tiny tigers soon