This week I have been baking christmas cupcakes, eating brie and cranberry toasties and adding the final ribbons to some parcels. I found these tiny robins in amongst my baking paraphernalia to top the snowy icing. Now I should have a spare half hour to read my latest issue of Oh Comely Magazine, before heading out in to the freezing fog to meet some friends in the cafe in the park. So looking forward to a hot mug of tea and some good company. Although I have had more time than usual this year, I seem to have gotten even less done, (Maybe all that magazine reading is the problem!)

I hope all the seasonal tasks aren’t getting on top of you!

  • http://www.arosebeyondthethames.blogspot.com Rose

    I got my Oh Comely yesterday- there was an actual squeal- it’s just so the magazine for me

  • http://sundaycollector.blogspot.com/ Briar Stanley

    That toastie looks delicious. You’ve inspired me for a meal tomorrow. Happy Christmas from Australia. Briar x

  • http://www.emmallamb.blogspot.com/ emma lamb

    Jeska your cupcakes always look so delicious and you make me wish I was more organised so I could bake more… :)
    Happy holidays,
    Emma, x

  • http://suziebee.blospot.com Suzie Bee

    Brie and cranberry toasties – yes please! I’ve got really into exciting cheese on toast. I add pesto or homemade green tomato chutney under smoked cheddar (my absolute favourite cheese!) before toasting.

  • http://upgemini.blogspot.com/ UpGemini

    this semester I had the same problem: lot of time, BUT just a few random things done… I guess I read too many blogs! :P
    Happy Christmas from New York city! x

  • http://www.becominglola.com Leti

    Omg why are your cupcakes so perfect ALWAYS! Love this post. Inspiring me to forge ahead with Xmas baking. Oh, and reminding me to get Oh Comely. Just received #1 and #2 last week and still no time to read them :) xx Letitia @ Dujour Mag

    PS- over on my personal blog, I gave you a blog award. happy holidays Jeska! http://becominglola.blogspot.com/2010/12/one-lovely-blog-award-for-becoming-lola.html

    • Jeska

      Merry christmas Letitia, I am very happy to hear about the holiday bake off at your house, I must continue mine tomorrow!
      And thank you for the blog award, I will have a think about who to pass it on to in the new year. I now have 4 issues of oh comely saved up to read through during the winter break. x

  • http://www.sparkleandhay.com erin*sparkle&hay

    too adorable! so happy to have found your blog – it is just lovely!