We collected our two little tabby rescue girls on Saturday, they are like tiny tigers ripping the house and my hands to shreds. But all is calm right now, they are all snuggled up together and having a sleep. No names yet as we are waiting for their personalities to shine through.

  • http://www.gemmifer-jennifer.blogspot.com {gemmifer}

    How sweet! I’m sure it’s hard to be mad at the shredding when you look at their furry little faces. Congratulations on your little tigers!

  • http://domesticali.typepad.com Ali

    Kitty gorgeousness. Your furniture will never be the same….

  • http://Patchworkharmony.blogspot.com Patchwork Harmony

    Awh!! So gorgeous! Can’t wait to see more pics! Also, am I right that u live down near Hastings? I’m going there this week in search of vintage/junk shops- I hear there’s lots of good ones! Any tips for best places?
    Caroline x

    • Jeska

      Oh yes, head to Hastings Old town and if you have time Norman Road in St Leonards, In the Oldtown there are antique shops all up the high street and down courthouse street, cute clothing boutiques in George street, and grab a bite in the dragon bar if there is a table xxx I also wrote a little guide here http://www.frombritainwithlove.com/features/great-escapes/escape-to-hastings/ x Have fun!

  • http://www.bibbity-bob.blogspot.com Bibbitybob

    SO cute!!

  • http://sydneyhestla.blogspot.com/ Sydney

    Precious! How exciting to have new housemates. And they’re so beautiful, too! Can’t wait to hear of their naming and exploits.

  • http://saladandsequins.com/ Tamizn

    I wanna take one home in my bag : (

    Roll on next weekend! x x

  • http://sea-angels.blogspot.com lynn

    Sooo beautiful I adore cats…no I really adore cats and I can’t have any because Adrian is allergic..lucky lucky you
    Hugs Lynn xxxx

    • Jeska

      thank you, I am a little bit sneezy myself but should pass in time (I hope) as one of them likes to rub faces with me!

  • http://beedesigns.blogspot.com/ Sue

    Oh she’s beautiful, she looks just like my little Sasha when she was a kitten.

  • http://www.lilacandlily.com/ Helen

    Oh, such a sweet picture. Look forward to seeing more of them. x

  • http://hila-lumiere.blogspot.com/ hila

    oh how cute! my little tiger looked like this when he was a kitten, now he’s just a fat baby :)

  • http://www.myhomemadehappy.com/ D @ Homemade and Happy

    Dear Jeska
    Oh my oh my!!! What a little cutie she is !!!
    I adore tabby cats – well, all cats actually – and yours looks particularly beautiful.
    You’ll have such fun and enjoy so much love and cuddles with these two :-) They bring you lots of great company now you’re working at home.
    Enjoy it all !
    Can’t wait to hear their names :-)
    D x

  • http://www.skyblueseaskybluesea.com Suze

    Gorgeous – I hope they are a wonderful addition to your family!
    We also have our own ‘tiny tiger’, she was found in a cardboard box with her brothers and sisters when she was just a few days old and taken to the RSPCA.
    She has been such fun. She is completely bonkers, but adorable.I have even devoted a set to her on flickr! x

    • Jeska

      I think these two are going to be complete maniacs, goodbye curtains! :)

  • http://www.misspickering.blogspot.com Miss Pickering

    Cute. Personified.

    More photographs if you please.

    • Jeska

      so hard trying to catch them on film, too fast for my shutter! x

  • http://etre-soi.blogspot.com sofia

    so cute wish I could have one too :)

  • http://cornflakesandhoney.blogspot.com/ Cornflakes & Honey

    Oh my goodness! Adorable just doesn’t come close. I really miss having my kitty cat around. You are going to have so much fun with them :-) Love the title of this post too. Anna x

  • ally

    so so cute
    we have just acquired a resuce tiger and a resuce puma
    our house is in shreds :-)

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