The sofa has changed to a dark grey colour which I have brightened with some new cushions and a few I made. The four legged folk are already making the most of them, Marlo in protest keeps shoving them on to the floor, and now the other one has run off with my belt, surely these are the naughtiest cats ever born?
The anniversary bouquet, now dead, was a great addition to the new scheme, so while they are in bloom I think I will have to buy more peonies, no hardship as they are one of my favourite flowers.So now I am frantically trying to decide what to keep and add to my walls, I have an idea but it’s not quite coming together yet and I’m kind of on a deadline so need to stop procrastinating and get hammering. The inspiration boards are also proving too much temptation to the tigers as they are trying to springboard off the back of the couch and attack the many tassels, garlands and strings of beads that are pinned up there. Oh this is hard. They really are determined to smash and drag all I own in to one huge pile on the floor, whilst I do find it mildly amusing, just go to sleep now, you little buggers.I have re-painted some of my frames and am happy with how they look, but I think I need a few more gold ones to mingle in and then of course there are the shelves to fill too, I gathered all white and glass last time, but trying to use the same method as when I style a shop, I need to hunt around the house for all the colourful things that have been tucked away, first collect then arrange then edit. Between all the damage control, thinking and not much doing, I have at least had time to eat.I am wondering how your weekend was and what your current projects are? You have a lovely sunny tuesday.

  • Amanda

    What a lovely room. You have a brilliant eye for colour. The cushions work really well especially the acid yellow with the dark grey sofa. And the tigers are very sweet!

  • ruth

    it looks great! We are about to redecorate our sitting room and the sofa is due to be recovered in – dark grey!

    • Jeska

      such a great colour, if I do say so myself, it goes with so much and you can always restyle when you change your mind!

  • Bianca

    I am a new reader of your blog and I LOVE it, so inspiring and how pretty is your kitty : )

  • Cathy

    Your room looks gorgeous – especially with the peonies being set off by the grey of your sofa. Cute tigers – hope they grow out of the kittenish behaviour soon though for the sake of your mood boards!!
    Cathy XX

    • Jeska

      Hi Cathy x I hope so too, but I’m thinking its a while yet!!

  • Anna

    I was wondering how you’re going with those two! We’re thinking of getting a kitten (a Siberian, as long as Mr isn’t allergic) but wondered whether any of my pretty things would survive! Like you I am constantly re-arranging and love to have china in typical cat territory which is actually just about anywhere! Love your peonies so pretty.

    • Jeska

      Oh Anna, they are amazing, very naughty but I don’t think one kitten would be as much of a terror? These two seem to egg each other on, they like to play chase at top speed, investigate everything and generally push things of the surfaces on to the floor, one of my lamps got it yesterday as they were not pleased to be shut in one room whilst I dug out the hall cupboard.

      My friend has two rag-doll persians and they are way more chilled out then these two menaces, mine are great at jumping, they walk with the gait of big cats and are so feisty hence the tiger nick name. I never thought I would share my home with an animal, let alone a cat but despite all the uproar I love them to bits. I’m sure they will calm down in a year or two! :)

  • UpGemini

    current projects – I am trying to take as many photos as I can of New York, before my Italian summer vacation. Also, I am trying to convince my boyfriend that he is NOT allergic to cats, so we can finally adopt a furry little beast! hehehehe

    • Jeska

      me too my camera is working overtime at the moment. I was sneezing and eyes watering so badly I wondered if they might have to go but after a couple of weeks battling on I was okay. I think where I was allergic as a child I just never touched cats or animals so never built up a tolerance but that was just me. Maybe you could foster one temporarily, just to see?

  • Tamizn

    Ha ha ha your words make me laugh! Will hopefully pop to see you Friday my pretty x x x

  • carolynn cecilia

    What a big change with just a few small choices. The couch color is perfection for this room and the flowers are bringin’ it! Congrats!