Fun LightingWe are getting close! The electrician has been in, so not long before we can actually paint a room! It is with a sad face though, that I report the demise of most of my beautiful glittering chandeliers. With lower ceilings and no stairwell as of yet, there is no way we can rehang the majority of the ceiling fittings we had in the apartment, but that means some happy finds for some folk soon on gumtree! So, on to pastures greener, more budget friendly and fun. I hope to make some of the lights myself, but my first stop is high street shop Homebase – before I get to our problem room, above are some lovely pieces I found for the rest of the house. 1 – Habitat Helena 6 Flower Garland Light – in Silver, 2 – Habitat Concetta Patterned Table Lamp Base, 3 – Habitat Tse Tse – Cherry Blossom LED Light, 4 – Premier Glass Table Lamp, 5 Habitat Perle – Elegant Pendant, 6 – Habitat Kura – Origami Paper Drum Shade.Bathroom InspirationNow the room that can be a pain. We always have a hard time choosing bathroom lighting, in the apartment we had a flush chandelier that was a real sparkler, and we could have a pretty main light in the new bathroom too, but what to have elsewhere? I have been collecting inspiration over here and love mixing different styles, now I am thinking outside wall lights could be a good option, as they would look more rustic/industrial and of course will be waterproof, and then maybe a few bathroom spotlights tucked away discretely in the ceiling.Bathroom Lighting Inspiration

Bathroom LightingHere’s what I found so far. 1 – Living Milano 4 Light Bar Spotlight, 2 – Single Fire Rated Shower Downlight – Chrome, 3 – Rosie 5 Arm Ceiling Light, 4 – Habitat Garland – Acid Etched Sheet Gold, 5 – Fisherman’s Lantern, 6 – Dives Wall Light Rusty Brown. I really love the rusty Dives wall light as it looks quite nautical but not too themed and I think it will give a soft light when the spots are turned off. Only six more rooms to figure out now!

Image credits – Bathrooms top left – JJ Locations, right – Carrier and Co, bottom left – Modern House Architects right – Elle.Es, all product images Homebase.

  • lynn

    I really don’t envy you… the choice is huge, and the more you look the harder it gets..the more you see!!
    I’m sure whatever you decide on will be lovely xxx can’t wait to see it
    Lynn x

    • Jeska

      Thank you Lynn, well, I think I’d like most of these and a lot more! haha

  • fenn

    lighting is one of my favourite parts of putting together a room & you’ve chosen some really beautiful pieces! my favourite is number 5 from the top selection, exquisite!


    • Jeska

      Yes Fenn! that one is a favourite of mine too, and my friend wants it too! Super cool :)

  • Puddles & Price

    We love picking out fixtures; they really bring a room together. Great selections here – so fun! We especially like #3 and #4. Picking out those finishing touches can be addictive! Thanks for sharing. We always enjoy stopping by :)

    • Jeska

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Finishing touches are very addictive its true, I sometimes end up with two things for the same space!

  • Emma M

    Some lovely choices, Jeska. Just chiming in to say that I have the Tord Boontje garland light from habitat (no. 4) in copper and I love it; it’s affordable and it always makes me happy to look at the delicate shapes and patterns it creates.

    Look forward to seeing whatever you choose!

    • Jeska

      They are lovely aren’t they Emma, my friend has some from when they were first launched, in their packaging still! I really want to open them :)