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Growing Kitchen herbsWell. I am a little late for Urban Jungle Bloggers this month – but better late than never! The home improvements have been in full swing here. We have new office shelves, a new packing desk for the shop and this super quick (a little rough around the edges it’s true) new kitchen shelf for some of our green friends and my growing tea collection. It seems that the plants took over and most of the tea remains in the cupboard.UJB Kitchen GreensMake do and mend has been the motto in our home this week and we have been fixing, making and repairing all over. All those little jobs that get left and forgotten and you know – filling, re-painting grubby white walls and now – another green space to tend yippee! I have been enjoying some indoor and outdoor gardening – but it was so cold out in the garden this week, we just had a quick tidy up and retreated back into the kitchen to get on with this!UJB Kitchen GreensI have been holding on to this old bakers tray for forever. I bought it a couple of years ago, for this reason, but was saving it for when we fully renovate the kitchen (soon), but I happened upon it in the attic when we were digging around for paint rollers and thought – let’s just paint it now. So, we also have a new blackboard to write our shopping and general ‘must do’ lists on, to keep us in line!Urban jungle bloggers - Kitchen GreensOur kitchen plants are an unruly rabble of herbs, ivy, succulents, cacti, and a windowsill crammed with even more green waifs and strays. Just like the rest of the house, they have pretty much taken over!Indoor Ivy Plant Growing Kitchen Cacti windowsill gardenOn our kitchen windowsill is where I have always kept our plant nursery and hospital. All broken and flailing green things come here to this sunny south facing spot, for intensive care until they can be repotted or moved outdoors. I’s my favourite jumble of glasses, pots and jars – please excuse the windows they are next on the list for demolition!windowsill gardenFor more Urban Jungle Bloggers joy pop over to visit Igor and Judith and this post for this months gathering of all things green in the kitchen. Happy Wednesday! xxxGrowing Kitchen herbs Indoor Ivy Plant

  • Igor Josifovic

    This is so beautiful Jeska!! And I will say this here hoping that I am not revealing too much: I can’t wait to see it for myself soon!!

    • Yay, thanks Igor! Dean is mastering baking cinnamon buns for the occasion – fingers crossed he’ll get it right in time! ;)

      • Igor Josifovic

        Well now I CAN’T WAIT at all!!!!!!

        • I’ll be cracking the whip until he gets them right! haha ;)

  • Thanks lovely! Little secret – the wall is coming down soon and the plants will have to move – SO excited :)

  • Thank you Abi – happy Thursday! xx

  • Love, love, love that shelf and the chalkboard Jeska, gorgeous weathered feel to them both. And what’s this? Is Igor coming to stay?!!

    • Thanks Tiff! The wood really has been weathering out in the garden and garage! Just a mini green visit shhhh ;)

  • LOVE!.. That is all. x

  • Island Living 365

    Oh I love all of your plants and that shelf too! Just gorgeous