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Urban jungle bloggers Cats and plants – two of my very favourite things. While the plants mostly play nice – (it’s not unusual for me to be seen with a small cactus swinging from the bottom of my oversized cardi) – the cats are not so well behaved. They very rarely sit still enough for a decent picture and favour the paw over the face or ‘I think I’ll wash my tail’ approach (that’s putting it politely), when they see the camera appear. So, this month’s Urban Jungle bloggers post was a battle of wills.Urban jungle bloggers Luckily these two mischievous, stripy tigers love to hide in amongst the foliage we have amassed and watch the world go by, so I did manage to snap the pictures for this months theme.Indoor jungle animals Indoor jungle animalsIt’s been the only time over the course of UJB’s that I haven’t had complete control over the situation and have had to just wait – like a professional wildlife watcher, for these rarely seen in daylight creatures – to stroll into shot. I started to get a little feel for what David Attenborough goes through ;)Indoor jungle animalsI love how their whiskers catch the daylight and they both have big green eyes to match the indoor garden we have created. Only every now and then knocking over a plant, nibbling a frond or flicking gravel all over the floor! Indoor jungle animalsI hope you enjoyed visiting with my urban jungle cats today.Indoor jungle animalsFor more UJB joy pop over to visit my green friends Igor and Judith and this post for February’s gathering of all things wild in the home. Happy Weekend! Indoor jungle animals

  • Beautiful photos – and beautiful cats! Xx

  • What beautiful green eyes, they do look a bit like wild cats in the jungle with all that wonderful foliage! x

  • Lynn Page

    Thank you for this lovely post Jeska, it reminds me that spring is just around the corner x

    • Thank you Lynn – there are lots of signs it will be arriving soon! :)

  • Julia’s Bookbag

    Jeska, these are GREAT shots! Love the B&W with foliage in the foreground….

    • Thank you Melissa – I hope you are having a great February! :)

  • Eleanor Rae Smith

    Your two are beauties for sure! Also, it’s good to know my cat isn’t the only one who like to knock houseplants over (and eat them!)

  • Oh my, what wonderful photographs! I hope you’re all well. x