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Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsToday I am really excited to share my first Urban Jungle Bloggers post! Judith and Igor have built up a lovely nature loving community and I am so glad I could get caught up in it. I have been happily keeping plants alive more and more since we moved out here to the cliff top. Our bedroom has turned in to a mini jungle and I love waking up next to something cheerful and green (and no, not the husband after too many ales)!Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsI also love waking up to my morning cup of coffee. I am very spoilt, as this is always made for me by Dean, just incase I impair the beans in some way! He is the coffee obsessive around here and I am in charge of the tea.Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsI am always moving the plants around, so each week the green interior landscape of our home is different. In these pictures are some of my current favourites. Don’t you think this cactus is such an amazing shade of greenish/turquoise?!Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsCoffee and plants are happily part of my everyday life, keeping them alive and actually thriving gives me immense pleasure. Do you have plants at home or prefer fresh cut flowers? Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsUrban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsI am so in love with this beautiful hand made mug, I snapped it up for Dean this last Christmas, it doesn’t have a handle so you can really hug it with your hands on chilly mornings. Now it’s a battle for who gets to drink their coffee out of it! I love the texture and glaze that has been used to decorate it, those delicate blues are very calming at the start of a busy day.Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plantsHere is a little guide to places we like to buy coffee, beautiful mugs and few more words on my favourite houseplant. Some lovely places for mugs and cups are – Handmade – Camden Pottery, vintage – English Country Home, new – Burleigh.

Locally we pick up – decaf Monmouth St coffee from Penbuckles in Hastings Old Town and online we love Square Mile for the hard stuff when waking up/staying up is needed!

My favourite indoor plant – Boston Fern. In Victorian times, Boston ferns would be found in many parlours and porches. It’s cheery wild fronds make it my favourite in our home. Caring for your Boston ferns is easy. Just place your fern where it will get indirect light (a little direct morning sun is fine) and keep it moist. No fussing is required!

And for a bit of fun you can find these washable paper bags I used as plant pot covers over in my shop here!

Urban Jungle Bloggers coffee and plants

  • What a beautiful post. I love the framed cat peeking out from behind the plants!

    • thank you Abi, I am so glad you liked it, and it seems like that little black cat is very popular around here! :)

  • Love your washable paper bag with the cactus in, do you mind me asking where you got it from?
    Going to use this as some inspiration to bring some greenery to our bedroom, its currently all stuck downstairs.

  • So many things I love about your UJB post but my two favourites are definitely the cactus wearing a necklace and the cat portrait. Fantastic!

    • Thank you, that little cat is so old, I am glad he makes you smile :)

  • That cactus is just beautiful… such a special color!

    You have some beautiful plants! AND they all look really happy:-)

  • Igor Josifovic

    Jeska, this is so beautiful!! It means so much to me that you are part of our green community – thank you for sharing the green love! And I have no words to describe how much I adore that mug!!!!

    • Thanks Igor, I was so excited to share my first post! I love everything the UJB stands for! :)

  • katyatapartmentapothecary

    This is all ridiculously amazing. Your collection of plants is so wonderful and that mug – want it! A beautiful, beautiful post xx

  • Jeska, I stumbled upon your blog via UJB and so glad that I did! What a lovely post, and such a nice way to wake up in the morning with so much lovely greenery. I love love love the colour of your cactus!

    • Thank you Kate! Lovely to meet you here, I will be over to see your blog too!

  • My absolute pleasure Judith, I am so glad I discovered UJB! I loved the video you and Igor made in paris :)

    • Awww, that’s so kind! Thank you!!

  • Made by Molu

    I need to get on in on the green love! How do you guys do it??? I totally suck at keeping any plant alive but all this is making me want to give it a go. Succulents, cacti and bulbs might just be the way for me….but i’ve probably mixed that now ;)

    • Hey! I was a total plant killer a couple of years ago! Start with a drought loving variety just incase you forget to water it :)

  • Cosmos51

    Love house plants, but really loving the cactus and succulent revival at the moment. Those organic shapes and geometric patterns just seem to fit. Lovely, calming photos! Inspiring.

    • Thank you :) They are so amazing, I can’t stop adding to my green collection ;)

  • Ruth

    Such a beautiful green vignette! It must make you so happy waking up to this. Having coffee made for you in such a lovely mug must help too :)

  • zhi

    Hi Jeska, I’ve joined Urban Jungle Bloggers for the first time too this month and have been checking out the blogger posts in the community. You have a lovely collection of plants! And I love the idea of using those washable paper bags as a plant pot!

    • Thank you! I will be over to see your plants! :)

  • Really inspiring! love all the details!