Plant details Ready for some more plant action?! This month for Urban Jungle Bloggers – I am getting up close and personal with the tiny magical details that make plants so special to me. Botanical Zoom has had me looking out for sunbeams on leaves, new shoots, unexpected additions and beautiful shapes.Plant details Plant details Leaf veins create such intricate patterns and the texture of each part of a plant is so different.Plant details Plant details This magical striped leaf pattern with all its colours variations – reminds me of dinosaur hide from Jurassic times, what do you think?!Plant details One of my favourite discoveries on this months challenge was finding these vibrant lime green shamrock leaves growing in with my Australian Ivy. Look at their fuzzy stems!Plant details Plant detailsI have had a ball capturing my planty friends in all different types of light and from new angles. Bright sunshine, evening light, from above and below and peeping through the foliage. Plant details Under the lens, this beauty has a white edge that really makes its leaf formations sing.Plant detailsPlant detailsOur Aloe – a gentle healer with a toothy side and below, this string of pearls looks such a lovely smooth shade of green – next to the rough edge of the vintage plant pot. Plant details Plant detailsI also couldn’t resist getting a close up of my green eyed jungle cat Marlo, to go with the post too. Go visit our lovely jungle hosts Igor and Judith and the whole UJB’s gang for more inspiring botanical zoom fun and new themes each month xxxTabby catPlant details

  • Stunning photos – what beautiful light. And I always love seeing a cat photo! x

  • Igor Josifovic

    What a beautiful post Jeska with a darling cat!! Thank you so much for enriching our community with all this botanical beauty!

  • Katherina Wainwright

    Love this so much! Such beautiful photos!

  • Love these gorgeous close ups!

  • Beautiful selection of photos, Jeska! Happy Friday xx

  • Cozy Chronicle

    This is such a beautiful post and what an adorable furry friend :)

  • Lizzie

    Is that beautiful divaricated plant with Marlo a kowhai?

  • Beautiful!! LOVE that striped leaf pattern. Makes me want to paint it. And your cat is stunning:-)

  • Lynn Page

    You’ve captured the light beautifully in these pics. I find the colour green calming and serene, you have it in abundance, especially Marlo!

  • Hayley F

    Wow your photos are beautiful x

  • lovely images.. there is nothing more beautiful than nature, natural sunlight.. i’ve got chills.

  • lovely images.. there is nothing more beautiful than nature, natural sunlight.. i’ve got chills.

  • Houseplant Guru

    You have beautiful pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

    • Hey, thnaks! I have a Canon 70D with 50 mm lens and 100mm macro lens :)