Vintage Fashion Friday

Make then stare! Wearing jewels on the bus to the department store or tottering from the car to meet with friends for lunch, a sweet little outfit with bright accessories to cheer up Autumn days.

Fur Coat-Hollie Point, Gold and Turquoise Bracelet-Rebstuff1, Beaded Earrings and Milk Glass Rhinestone Necklace-Kiamichi7, Lace Slip and Floral Pencil Skirt-Gypsy Plunder, Dior Stockings-Dig Vintage Shop, Mens Cardigan-Raleigh Vintage, Lacquered Straw Handbag-Mintage Clothing Co, Leather Mules-Thrush,

All images from the shops listed and linked above.

  • julene

    Love this set! Gorgeous! :)

  • The Lost Girl

    such a pretty set! I would wear all of them in an instant! I was in Hastings yesterday and it reminded me of you-I’ve left a very belated thank you for the book on my blog as I’ve been so busy with work recently, but here it is: x x

  • Sarah
  • Kat

    You pick the most scrumptious outfits.
    I enjoy these posts lots.
    It’d be lovely to see some outfit posts with you in them too.