As I was searching through posts on my old blogger page to find images of those estate sale boxes the other day, I happened upon this post about my addiction to paper and trying to keep on the straight and narrow. A problem that has been with me since studying graphic design at college. Included in the post was a great link to these vintage magazine covers that I had forgotten all about.

Being quite good at the beginning of the 2012 (good for me anyway) I had only been picking up three or four magazines a month. When I went to London in April it was a different story, usually reserved for my two or three trips to the Capital a year, a new door of opportunity was permanently open to me, straight to any paper publication I could dream of. I was right there working around the corner from two great newsagents, stocking tons of beautiful paper. My addiction flared, I came home in the evenings clutching copies of Suitcase, A perfect guideFrankie, Tank, Peppermint , Flamingo, Lula and all the other usual suspects from Living etc to Harpers Bazaar. Most of which I didn’t even have time to look through until I carted them all back to Hastings, the husbands smile dropping as I emptied them out on the living room table. He knew what would happen. . .

I fawned over Apartmento and Mari Claire Idées walked away repeatedly from european issues of Vogue, Elle and Elle Deco (how much paper can one person carry?). Not that the language is a barrier is a problem for me, as well we know what happens in the end, I shred. I tear. I collage. I keep only my very favourite articles to read. Elle Decoration UK is one of the only ones to last around here more than a few months before the ripping begins. Then the left over unwanted pages are packed off to be recycled.
Does anyone else have a large scale magazine problem? Now I am trying to settle back into small town living avoiding WH Smiths as best I can, I’ll obviously still buy a couple of interiors magazines each month as inspiration for our new home, but when I’m not and need a paper lift I will be looking over these beautiful Vintage covers (for free) from decades past. Check out the 1950’s Vogues and how the covers of these two Living Magazines could easily translate into todays tastes on the pages of Elle Decoration.

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  • Victoria

    “Does anyone else have a large scale magazine problem?”

    yep! over here, me! I love buying magazines. I stand in front of a newsagent’s rack and I salivate. I want them all (well, not all but most of them). I have bought magazines only to cut them and them collage with the scraps. The problem is… i don’t have much free space and the pile is getting bigger. And I don’t live in London… not even in a great Capital city!
    But, yes.. I know what you mean.
    You should know you’re not alone in this ;)

    • Jeska

      Victoria, good to know there are others like me :)

  • Melissa@Julia’s Bookbag

    Old school Gourmet!! Oh how I remember those from back in the day when my mom used to subscribe to it, when I was a little girl!!

    I used to have a serious magazine problem. It would give my heart a little upward lurch and thrill when my favorites would arrive in the mail box. I used to collage and scrapbook my favorite pages from Victoria magazine when I was in my early 20’s ~ my mother used to think that was a very strange hobby for a young girl. I loved it!

    But now since so many of my favorites are gone, Domino and Cookie — I don’t get any more magazines in the mail anymore…boo!

    • Jeska

      I wonder if I’ll ever stop scrap booking my favourite pages Melissa?! x

  • Sue

    I’ve just moved house and it’s hit me what a huge paper and magazine problem I have. My new studio is stacked full of boxes full of paper to make goodies from and magazines for……well, just because. I haen’t reached your shredding and collaging stage, I’m at the hoarding and can’t let go stage. I think I might need therapy; any suggestions? :)

  • Kat

    I am with you …. I too have way too many magazines!
    What was peppermint like ? ;)
    Kat x

    • Jeska

      Peppermint was lovely Kat. I loved the fashion and homes sections most, it’s all fair trade/vintage/handmade from Australia xx

  • Charlotte

    I’ve managed to whittle it down to two mags – but used to be quite bad lol I think blogs like yours helped as it is mainly the pictures I pour over:)

    • Jeska

      aw thank you Charlotte, I am aiming for two also, which two are yours?

  • splendourandrouge

    Love these…..

  • Sarah

    I’m a magazine fiend! I spent two months of my honeymoon in OZ and NZ and devoured Peppermint and Frankie while we were there. I loved going to their second hand shops to get old copies! Wish they were easier and cheaper to get over here. How did you find Kinfolk? worth subscribing?

  • Charlotte

    I’m hopelessly addicted to Australian Country Style (I think you’d like it too, if you haven’t seen it already) and (because I am also a keen gardener) I read Earth Garden Magazine – which is less pictures and more writing so I don’t feel so decadent lol

  • Lottie :: Oyster & Pearl

    I LOVE magazines, just never get a chance to read them these days. But I have stacks and stacks of back issues piled up – they’re such beautiful objects aside from anything else.