The Green KitchenBurnt to a crisp on a Wednesday, only to be sheltering from high winds and rain on Friday. Glad I have something new to read then. The book I am sharing this week is the lovely Green Kitchen by David Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl.

This book brings together a collection of healthy family recipes from the wonderful Green Kitchen Stories Blog. With inspiring photography and seasonal eating inspiration, it’s no wonder this blog with a cult following from around the world has translated into such a beautiful book. If you don’t know it yet heres a lovely post to make you love with their page – 31 May Fat Almond Pancake. I promise it will be your new favourite place x

We are eating more and more vegetarian food these days, (well it’s actually just me clinging to the cans of tuna and the odd free range chicken breast every now and then). With Hopes of growing our own vegetables in the next couple of years and always finding ourselves on the look out for new ways to dish up simple and seasonal produce, this book has arrived with perfect timing.

I am wondering, do you eat much meat, or are you already vegetarian? Since we started juicing a couple of years ago and then after getting these two naughty cats we have been more and more conscious about our health and animal welfare, so my few meat eating days are surely numbered.

Me and the boy are going to try and cook at least one recipe a week from the Green Kitchen, but the top 5 things that I cannot wait to try are . . .

1. Beetroot Apple and Goats Cheese Wraps p98
2. Red Lentil Polpette with Lemon Balm Sauce p138
3. Sage and Walnut Pate p173
4. Sweet Hazelnut Masala Chai p194
5. Spirulina Chocolate Truffles p232

Happy weekend folks, I hope it’s sunny wherever you are, and your days are filled with delicious food x

  • http://lovely-little-things.blogspot.com michelle

    Sounds like a great read – those beetroot apple & goat cheese wraps sound amazing!

  • Jeska

    Don’t they? I can’t wait to try them out, so much to love within these pages! :)