Bobo Flowers Hello! Today, a few images from the weekend and a note to say thanks to all of you that entered my fantastic giveaway with Loaf last week. The entires included some inspired ideas and recipes for Spring. The winner was the lovely Lou from Little Green Shed. Her spring tradition really made me smile. May Day jars – anonymously leaving jars of Spring flowers on friends and neighbours doorsteps on 1st May – it’s an old pagan ritual, which Lou loves to keep going each year. How nice is that? Congratulations Lou, I am sure the bowls and linen napkins will make indoor and outdoor dining extra enjoyable this Summer!Colourful paintingCreative spacesThe rest of the weekend I have been making a mess with paints in the home studio space, visiting Marcie at Bobo Flowers and buying up her Coral sunset peonies. indoor gardeningReplanting some succulents into bigger pots so they can spread out, and hanging with the two tigers in the dust and mud while Dean builds a sleeper wall in the front garden. Not long now and we might have some flowers out there to share with you. For now, here are a couple of pics of the mud!Beach garden design - early stagesRailway sleeper wallMy Marlo x

  • love..love your wall… will you be tucking away a few peonie plants in that lovely garden??
    Lynn x

    • Jeska

      Thanks Lynn, would love to but I am not sure they like our breezy salty cliff air? If I can grow some I will, they are up there on my top 10, might put them in a safe spot in the back garden. Thinking of Achillea, verbena, sea kale, cranesbill geranium, lavender and herbs in amongst the – soon to be delivered 25 ton of shingle!:)

  • Sounds beautiful what alovely list you have…sea holly is lovely too it is blue and siver and agapanthus thats blue or white, but peonys are soooo hardy really tough and they love full sun xxx honest xx

    • Jeska

      I will certainly give them a chance Lynn! And your other flower suggestions sound great too, right I’m off to catch up on all things Chelsea, flower overload! xxx